Sunday, July 29, 2012

New terms: Edomocracy, Edominomics, more...

Edomocracy:  Since democracy is just another word for fascism, a fascist rule of power over a nation controlled by the Edomite bloodline.

Edominomics, Edonomics:  The fiat currency policy of the Edomite-controlled central bank cartel and the resultant heist and transfer of wealth enforced on the globe by the same. 

Edostooge:  A disinformational gate-keeper infiltrated into the "truth" movement who secretly works for the agenda of the Edomite bloodline.  Prime examples:  Alex Jones, "doctor" Len Horowitz and his sidekick Sherri Kane, Barbara Politis Hartwell...

Edonial:  Denial of the existence of the Edomite bloodline, and/or denial of any of the factual history of the same.  Often manifested with baseless accusations of "anti-semitism" [edomites are not descendants of Shem the son of Noah], and other ADL-sponsored labels such as "jew-hater".

Edocide:  Genocide conducted as part of the Edomite bloodline agenda.

Edospiracy:  Conspiracy involving two or more Edomites.

2012 Zion Olympics in London Coincide with Tisha B’Av - Commemoration of the Destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem

The pact with Satan is almost over and two events must soon take place.

Tim Geithner Admits Bail Outs At Rigged Libor Rates Cost Taxpayers Billions

Slick Barry reveals his racist side - again

What Is In Our Skies, Part 1, Introduction

Air-to-Air Video Reveals 5 Contrails From 4 Engine Airbus A380

Slick Barry releases Israeli military funding  

Has the US given Israel a Green Light to Attack Syria 

NSA wants to hire hackers

Uganda Ebola outbreak: Patients flee hospital amid contagion fears

Uganda tries to find cause of mysterious nodding head disease

Public Declaration to Police Officers, Civil Servants and other Agents of the Crown of England

ITCCS Breaking News from Brantford, Canada

A Completely Screwed Up System

U.S. [Science] Integrity Effort Hits Troubled Water

The Great American Bank Robbery

The Vatican and Queen’s Genocide

Ron Paul And Alex Jones Love John Paul II

7/27/2012 — VERY LARGE night time eruption of Sakurajima Volcano in Japan

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities 

Russia's top admiral: Russia to keep Tartus base - with video 

The Manufactured "Debt" Crisis 

Paul Craig Roberts: From NAFTA to the Collapse of the Bubble Economy 

Will political reform occur in the United States only after a catastrophe? 

Top Ten GMO Foods to Avoid 
USociopaths caught photoshopping events in Syria

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