Friday, September 26, 2014

Is Len Horowitz's 528 a psyop? YOUBETCHA

[it was only a matter of time before the bopsie twins got wind of this and began their attacks to have it removed, and true to form BeforeItsNews capitulated.  stay tuned.]  

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A brand new variety of internet media and radio show “Troll” has been identified and linked to the New World Order Religion. NWO RELIGION TROLL. For decades, Oprah Winfrey was highly successful with the division of religious ideals in which Christianity and spiritualists were the main focus of indoctrination into the I AM GOD materialist dogma, but to literally set the ‘tone’ with the implementation of the 528Hz Frequency comes the NWO Religion Troll. Victims including Dr. A. True Ott, of this troll type suffer the ability to announce the danger of this harmonic resonance by these popular and unsuspecting mouth pieces. Michael Vara of the LNM Radio Network are managed “handled” by these Trolls — The female is a suspected MKUltra indoctrinate. All three personalities exhibit this archetype.

The video that follows demonstrates how the 528Hz frequency is associated with the Occult and the reason why health related business people have been viciously slandered. This form of cyber stalking and the attacks that result are cleverly labeled Cointelpro, trolls, and cyber stalkers accompanied by foul name calling when the reality is that it is they who are the perpetrators.

Another Independent Analysis of 528 Hz (Gematria of 6).  What is love Mr. Horowitz??

What is your opinion of "Dr." Leonard Horowitz [no doctor at all but merely a dentist] ?  Is he telling you the truth about the 528Hz frequency?  It seems he is the one spearheading it’s popularity.  The video demonstrates conclusively that many of us have had our intellect swindled into the belief it is the “Love” tone, but when compared to the sex ritual chants of the priest in Stanley Kubrick’s film,  EYES WIDE SHUT, it becomes clear and irrefutable that Horowitz is pushing the hate tune sung by the Devil.   It is highly likely that the inner circle decision was to end Kubrick’s life before that film was presented to the world.  They could not cancel it’s distribution for the reason people would deduce that the film maker did reveal the truth in a fictional story… keeping Kubrick’s mouth shut about the film exposing secrets was the method used to guard the secret.

This video is excerpted from the soon to be released, “MARK OF THE BEAST FREQUENCY”

[editor's note: if Lenny boy thinks he can convince us all that he is such a loving bastian of truth by openly bragging about his "Harvard degrees" - imho he is sorely mistaken.]

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  1. Look forward to "Mark of the Frequency Beasts" which deconstructs the Michael Vara, Sherri Kane, and Leonard Horowitz operation and false disclosure agenda... The seven minute video is but a small part of the onion peeling of a very richly dense package of bizarre antics, practices, and shady deals, illegal business conduct and much more. It will be included. You'll learna multitude of antics regarding Leonard and Sherri's bedroom behaviors, for example, and how profilers in many fields concur that it swells with vicious anger and validated by the community they're involved... there's no intimacy about it. From personal accounts to hard evidence from professional profilers and investigators, you'll be educated about the frighting impact the NWO Religion has had on the inhabitants of this world and with certainty, know who has been actively promoting it.