Thursday, September 18, 2014

Never stops.

True tells me he is hopeful the show doesnt get cancelled off the new network after reports of negative comments surfaced.  Apparently allegations of "anti-semitism" and "hate speech" are still being flung, by those who are themselves not semites (descended of Shem the son of Noah - a characteristic NOT helpd by the Edomite bloodline).  Truth indeed is hate speech to those who hate speech.

If he does a new show tomorrow, I will again not be able to join due to work.  Next few weeks for me are slammed.  Hopefully I will find time to join assuming he continues broadcasting on Friday nights.

Be sure all to check the latest posts at in particular those relating to ISIS and evidence mounting to show they are indeed sponsored by Mossad, something Ive been screaming since day one.  Glad to see I was right yet again.

More later.

Mike Adams "health ranger" at NaturalNews is pushing CDC and WHO lies about ebola [years ago we suspected Adams was a disinfo agent, and sent someone to visit his HQ location which turned out to be a front for an apparently well-funded disinfo psyop effort, with only a few pamphlets relative to NaturalNews in the front area]

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