Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Center for Disease Circulation and Proliferation

Control, my ass. They'd like to think they can control their patented lab-engineered Ebola virus, further scaring the public into volunteering for yet another toxic shot that won't provide any protection whatsoever.  Radio is blaring the Walgreens ad every 15 minutes or so: "get a shot, give a shot" promoting the charitable good one can do by getting one of their many available drive-thru shots.  Pieces have been aired shaming the parents who refuse to allow their children to be pincusioned up by the state prior to re-entering school, highlighting the latest legislative mandates making it more cumbersome for those who insist on bucking the system.

All the while, no one seems to be asking the obvious question: "if vaccines work, why is my unvaccinated child a threat to your vaccinated child?" - it's not rocket science folks.

Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Dr Meryl Nass MD, Dr. Merkola, Barbara Loe Fisher, Ingri Cassel, A.L. Whitney, Dr. A. True Ott PhD, Dr. Bill Deagle MD, Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, and a laundry list of others can easily argue the toxicity of the vaccine campaign.  And that's just scratching the surface.

Folks, God built us intelligently with functional and adaptive immune sytems that work as intended if we take good care of them.  Humankind got along just fine for thousands and thousands of years without vaccines, and only in the past few decades have godless satanic genocidal transhumanists been impressing us with the campaign to alter our thinking to one of global acceptance of vaccines.

Not me.  Not now, not ever.


Photoshopped pic being circulated of US Army tattoo found on ISIS soldier:

Looks like this is the original:

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