Monday, September 15, 2014

A. True Ott PhD returns to the airwaves for 2 hours on Fridays only

Courtesy of Kerry Cassidy and some other folks True just did his first show on the Revolution Radio Network last Friday and he reports well over a hundred thousand listeners, with some very complimentary comments posted.  While on the last network he and I were both on, he was lucky to pull down 15,000 listeners on a show.  Back in the days of being on RBN True remembers days of such listenership numbers being over a hundred thousand per show.

Although invited to call in and join him on his maiden voyage show I was unable to participate due to work obligations I'd already committed myself to, but hopefully this next Friday I will be able to avail myself so as to join him on the next one.   I have also agreed to continue to be True's fill-in co-host, manning the helm of the show on days he cannot host himself.

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