Saturday, August 15, 2015

Plausible Deniability

Here in SF we are under very hazy skies.  Purple Fog Monster.  So noticeable that the local news has all chimed in unison with an explanation: that smoke from northwest fires are blowing in from the east.  Only problem: wind was blowing west today.  I watched dozens of fresh chemtrails get laid by clearly fake planes, smaller than real ones, to provide an illusion of being at much higher altitude than they actually are, and traveling slower so as to provide the same illusion.  I know it sounds crazy folks but I've done my homework and have made many many personal observations to support this theory in addition to all the research I've continued to do over the years.

One TV station went so far as to label it "steamy" - theres no moisture in heavy-metal laden nanotech aerosols such as we endured today, also containing the witches brew of Morgellons components.

Geoengineering my ass.  BIOengineering more like it methinks, in addition to other agendas, one of which yes is weather control.

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