Friday, August 28, 2015

A little message to the bopsie twins.

Once again for the record:  This blog (and the domain) is authored, maintained and owned solely by me, Alex M. Studer, and is not accessed for editing by anyone other than myself.  I post to this blog freely and autonomously and not in any way acting out any third party agenda.  I am not now nor have ever been in the employ of Dr. A. True Ott PhD in any way, and any involvement I have ever had and continue to have with Dr. Ott has been and continues to be strictly of a voluntary nature.  Any copyrighted material I may include in posts and pages of this blog are made in full accordance with Fair Use law as provided by U.S.C. section 107.   All the opinions and commentary included in this blog are my own and are protected by the First Amendment.

I love it.  At this point readers of this blog know darn well who I am talking about and I no longer have to mention names, giving them any further PR which is what they crave, out of their insatiable narcissism.  All my FB friends, my chatroom friends at RR, just about anyone I know period, knows exactly to whom I reference by this monicker.

And so do they.  Yeah, you two who are reading this now for the first time today.  From your self-perceived castle of indemnity out there on the Big Island.  And so do all your minions.


Now that I have your attention, please allow me to make the following statement.

You and I and everyone else reading this knows full well the falsehood of your allegations made against me and others whom I consider friends, as well as the level of confidence with which you maintain while continuing down your currently chosen path.

Wait'll you get a load of me.  

Some day soon I shall at least witness if not participate in a full-blown airing of your dirty laundry, sorting out the truth from the lies, whereby your own narcissistic folly will come back to bite you in the hind.  Poetic justice on steroids, and it will only be the return of energy you two sent out in the first place thinking you could get away with it.

While you two go on ranting in slanderous public posts about who you imagine I am, who you think I can be fooled to the public as that person you have painted me out to be, I lie patiently waiting with all the proof I will ever need looking forward to that moment when I can prove you wrong, without question.  And you two are bringing that moment ever closer.  Bring it.

While you claim all these litigious damages based on false allegations to hypothetical gains,  you two have forgotten one basic precept: nothing is more damaging than that which is lost to one who already has nothing.  Doesn't matter how big your bank account is or might have been.

The public will find out by your own devices who you two really are.  Brilliant.

Methinks thou dost protesteth too much.  -Hamlet.

IMHO you two are literally shooting yourselves in the noses to spite your own faces.

Bill Shakespeare would likely use this plot for a next stageplay.  I couldn't make something up better if I tried.  Life imitates art.  And then some.

I will go to bat to defend my friend no matter what it takes to prove he is telling the truth and you are lying.  I have nothing to lose.  On top of this I can prove myself oh so easily.  Which is clearly im guessing the reason why you attack my friend and not me.  You both know you are full of it and will lose the second you bring me into this and it will be front page news.  You call me a fame-seeker?  Bring me into this and let's determine once and for all who is really seeking fame, you two.

I have nothing better to do, and would love to do some northshore longboard surfing with old friends while dealing with your sorry asses, getting you to pay for my trip.

Bring it on, oh please, make my day.

The King Of Vain Deceit

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