Saturday, April 2, 2016

You can talk about anything on the radio EXCEPT flat earth.

The last successful broadcast I had filling in for True on Revolution Radio several weeks ago was pulled off the air without warning with 40 minutes left to go in the show, apparently for the fact I chose Flat Earth as the discussion topic for the show, something that does not sit well with "Nighthawk" the station's owner.  Today I had been asked again by True to fill in and do the show, and I spent the entire afternoon preparing to do the show, to talk about the new documentary film VAXXED which had it's screen debut in NYC today, also about the Brussels 322 staged falseflag psyop event.  Sure I had planned an April Fools joke on my promise not to talk FE this time and was going to devote the final 30 minutes to FE anyway not caring if I got pulled off the air or not.  But that didn't happen as the studio never called me via Skype to make the connection to do the show; instead they aired a rerun while I sat waiting for the phone to ring.

My feeling is that if we cannot discuss Flat Earth, none of the rest truly matters.  As Edward Hendrie states succinctly in the foreward of his book The Greatest Lie On Earth: Proof Our World Is Not A Spinning Globe, the lie of heliocentrism is the keystone upon which the great satanic NWO tenets all stand, each requiring a removal of God in order to thrive: Darwinian evolution, Marxist communism, and Freudian psychology (first of many types).  Remove that keystone and the entire NWO agenda crumbles like a giant house of cards, because flat earth PROVES the existence of God.

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