Friday, July 15, 2011

The war against the Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomites

Edomites, Caananites, the fake jews written of in the Book of Revelation.  Of romanian descent, they infiltrated and altered the recorded history of the Jews, somewhere around the 9th or 10th century AD.  There was no Isaac, Abraham or Jacob, David or Solomon.  Anyone claiming to be a descendant of any of these is lying, as these people never existed except as fiction written on paper which was sold as truth and never questioned.  Refer to recent statements from Jordan Maxwell and his research located here.  Despite my not trusting him completely, I do agree with many of his findings.
They bastardized the Torah and Kabbalah and laced the entire Judaic religion’s history and protocols with satanic rituals and convinced everyone they were acceptable and not satanic.  Now they have hijacked all of Congress by blackmailing them into supporting Israel and AIPAC under threat of loss of campaign funding.  By way of the SPLC and ADL they now have PR hit squads to go after anyone speaking ill of Israel or Zionism by labeling such people as anti-semitic.
These same ashkenazi khazarians have likewise adulterated the recorded history of the “holocaust” as recently exemplified by the revelation Anne Frank never existed and her famous “diary” is pure fiction.  All this to build sympathy in the public for the poor, persecuted Jews.
Now this satanic sabbatean jewish mob tells folks like the Rothschilds what to do, they own the media, and in general control all the intel agencies by way of their very own Mossad.
Here in San Francisco their most coveted headquarters is Temple Emmanuel on Lake and Arguello, right around the corner from the Pelosis and the former house of Diane Feinstein,  This temple has barricades on the sidewalk similar to those of the federal building, cameras on everything, and a security guy in a booth with a metal detector at the front entrance.  But this is just one of so many temples in SF, all sporting the satanic half-globe and many windows in sections of six and eight.
The funny thing is most practicing Jews have no awareness their religion adopts satanic worship through pagan rituals dating back to Babylon.
I had totally forgotten that the Bohemian Grove Encampement has just begun, and was reminded as a piece on the Bohemian Grove just aired on RT.  They interviewed AJ as he retold his story of sneaking into the Cremation of Care ceremony in 2000 and taking video which he then published in his DVD presentation.  He got most of it right, the comments he said which aired tonight, but he missed a great deal which I am perfectly aware of, after having hung out as a prospective member almost 15 years, and almost attending last year’s encampment, paid for to the tune of thousands by my sponsor, and then dropped like a hot potato once the discovery of my blog was brought to my sponsor Joe Lerer’s attention.  Former classmates of mine growing up as a child are now members. I have a good musician friend who is up there now, as he has been since he was a small child and literally grew up inside the club and is a fixture no different from one of their bar stools.  He in fact was very helpful in showing me around and making introductions, finding me sponsors to bring me into the club.  After a few failed attempts, it looked like this time it was actually going to work – they need talented audio personnel as well as performing musicians, and I had singing groups interested as well as the head of the audio department, John McGleenan owner of One Union Recording in SF.  AJ asserts the big fake stone owl at the lake represents Moloch and this is incorrect; it represents Minerva of Greek mythology, and the spider of “weaving spiders come not here” represents Arachne.  I have seen some very strange eyes-wide-shut sort of things go on with respect to these cigar-smoking narcissists, and am quite certain some of the most hardcore operating satanists in the world circulate among their ranks.  Their president is Emmett “Mac” MacCorkle.

Best friend of the Gettys and facial surgeon Dr. John Q. “Jack” Owsley is a member, and one who receives affections from other lapel-flower-wearing members to remind one of scenes from Eyes Wide Shut.  Lately a book featured prominently in their library is a gargantuan solid bright red leatherbound hardback measuring 11.57 inches (29.4 cm) by 15.35 inches (39.0 cm) by a few inches thick – by Carl Jung titled simply The Red Book.  Their encampment and the preceding weekend Spring Jinx are alcohol-fueled parties interlaced with agenda-selling speeches in a grand psyop to brainwash the entire crowd – and it works almost flawlessly.  Doug Millar sent me an invite to go protest with him outside their entrance in Monte Rio – one of the most filmed protests in the world.  I caution everyone about Doug Millar. I dont think he is as genuine as he states himself to be.

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