Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another spare the chemtrails day in SF; while TV is all about the Niners, not a peep about israel bombing damascus. WTF

Seriously folks, I thought there'd be at least a minute of coverage on the developing tension in Syria, but not a peep on any MSM channel. It's all football. Go Niners! Megapuke.

I took some footage of today's sickening chemtrail dumps today as the state of CA enforces yet another "spare the air" day banning anyone burning wood in their fireplaces. OK they dump our skies full of toxic sewage and hit it with HAARP weaponry, but its not OK to burn a wood fire, as they cite some people with asthma may have poor reactions to the soot from the fires. Exorcist projectile vomit. I'll post the footage in a bit once Ive had the time to crunch and upload it.

Also I have made new updates to TSBTS archives, stay tuned for more.

Update: Another Anomaly on the Sandy Hook Line and Stinker Hoax

The Original “Savage Chick” Speaks Out. RIGHT ON!!!

The Origin of All Evil – What is TRUTH?

Syrian Army inflicts heavy losses on foreign mercenaries

Slick Barry gives the 'Green Light' for Israel to strike Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah military links

FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy

Polish Resistance to GMO Deception Swells to Five Provinces!

The sea is not rising, it’s your land that is sinking!

Former Navy SEAL who authored 'Naval Special Warfare Sniper Doctrine' is Killed at Shooting Range

Sandy Hook: 'I'm Sorry Governor, What Did You Say?'

The Case Against Ralph Eberhart, NORAD's 9/11 Commander

England: 10-16 fold increased risk of narcolepsy within 6 months of Pandemrix jab/ BBC

In Amerika Law no Longer Exists

Ex-Tepco Worker: “Children in Fukushima are living in such dangerous conditions” — Clothes are contaminated… even more radioactive after 5 washes (VIDEO)
Video: “Eerie situation in marsh near sinkhole in Bayou Corne”
Gov’t warns of impending quake shortly before M6.9 hit northern Japan — “Make yourself safe, turn off the gas…”
NHK ‘Inside Fukushima’: Highest radiation on tour found between Pacific Ocean and Reactor 3 — 1,370 microsieverts per hour (VIDEO)
Asahi: Chilling warning seen in newly released Fukushima images — Shows ‘highly radioactive debris’ near Reactor 1 marked “Danger!” (PHOTOS)
U.S. Nuclear Expert: We are currently experiencing a cyber attack — Email system also compromised
Fukushima Video: “Our hometown became Chernobyl” — Nuke worker: “I’ve finally understood you… Mom, you’re right! Tepco got to hell!”
Over 150 U.S. service members say Fukushima radiation has triggered medical issues — Now Defense Department abandons medical registry, leaving them on own

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