Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope on a rope

Today's show went well, thank you to Melissa from TX who called in with your kind words and great questions. We spent time talking about Chris Dorner and a few other headlines, then spent the most of the rest of today talking about Petrus Romanus, the prophesied name of the next pope, alleged to be the last pope ushering in the end of days according to Malachy's prophecy from around 1139AD.

 Uncensored copy of Dorner's "manifesto"

Radio transmissions of sheriff's officers deciding to burn Chris Dorner out of the cabin

Money Scandal Behind Papal Coup d'Etat

Petrus Romanus: 900 Year Old Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Oversee End Of Days

Cambodia reports 7th H5N1 case so far this year

Canada: Quebec prepares for zombie attack

Source: Body found in rubble of burned cabin

Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter

Dr. Ilya Perlingieri: The Assault on Our Health. Environmental Illness and Aerosol Pollution: Connecting the Dots

The Most Important Topic For 2013 (Dane Wigington and Russ Tanner)
Ahmadinejad: Iran is a Nuclear (Power Generating) State But has NO Intention to Launch Attack on Israel !

US Claims Enormous Iranian Militia Set Up in Syria! War Propaganda!

PressTV: US to launch preemptive cyber attacks

TV: Record numbers of sickened sea lion pups in So. California — “Something has changed” — “We are prepping in the back of our heads for the worst case scenario” (VIDEOS)
Newspaper: Louisiana sinkhole swallows another 5,000 square feet (PHOTO)
Expert: “We’re actually starting to see fractures occurring in this disturbed zone at the surface” around giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)
“I’ve got people who are bleeding from their behinds, who have sores all over their bodies” -Attorney for U.S. Navy sailors exposed to Fukushima radiation (AUDIO)
Video: Fukushima child has radioactivity of 6,000 disintegrations per second inside body
Reports: Atomic bomb detonated by North Korea — M4.9 quake one kilometer underground — Country’s third test ever, first since 2009 (VIDEO)
Sharp increase in Fukushima doctors who don’t feel well physically since 3/11 — More than 3 times as many now say their health condition is not good
Attorney to Tepco: Please help us, we have troops who are dying, need medical care after 3/11 — Bone marrow transplant at NIH — Another bleeding incessantly (AUDIO)


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