Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week seven of guest-hosting TSBTS now under my belt

Currently crunching the show recordings and uploading them to TSBTS Archives. Again, many thanks to Dr. Ott for his kind words during the start of Monday's show, and for all the kind fanmail that keeps coming in. I am truly humbled by this experience, and am very comforted to know that people out there are actually listening, and providing such encouraging feedback. Also thanks to those who have called in so far to the show with their questions and comments, and to the few listeners who have sent me donations. Every penny counts; I don't currently have anything for sale on this site, and so far am only selling song downloads over at my music site. I'm thinking up a few new t-shirt designs and may possibly upload them to my cafepress account. Stay tuned...

Mexico slaughters 1.2 million chickens infected with H7N3

CIDRAP: Flu news scan for February 27

US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds

Revolution is What “They” Want! Communist Agenda: Problem, Reaction, Equals SOLUTION!

Criss “Angel” – the Magician/Illusionist – or New-Age Satanic Messiah?

One People’s Public Trust: Buyer Beware!!

One People’s [preposterous] Public Trust

Bird flu research to resume shortly

Former Bailed-Out Citi Executive, Jack Lew, Wins Confirmation to Become Treasury Secretary

Bill Gates Continues ‘God’s Work’, Third World Vaccine Workers Shot Dead !

Study Boosts Link Between Flu Vaccine, Sleep Disorder – Narcolepsy!

2/27/2013 — US Navy Labs create Plasma Rings using HAARP – HF- RADAR frequency

Rothschild's want Iran's banks

An Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel - A ten-point plan

USA heading towards complete financial system meltdown

Governor: Nuclear waste leaking at an estimated 1,000 gallons a year — “No available technology to plug the leaks” at Hanford
Fukushima Photographer: “We have seen how it’s affecting children already, and no one knows exactly what’s going on” — We can only rely on nuclear experts in Germany, France, U.S.
Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”
Official: Sharp tremors being detected near giant sinkhole — Bubbles coming up from center (VIDEO)
Headline: “Rising doubts about Japan’s official radiation figures” — Large cities still exposed to high levels of radioactivity from Fukushima plant
AP: Flurry of films on Fukushima disaster — Shows authorities playing down health risks, not telling whole truth
Bizarre “radiation incident” as Fukushima plumes hit U.S. in March 2011 — Law enforcement divisions descended on home of teenager with geiger counter (VIDEO)
Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant after gas leak — “Event poses no threat to public safety”

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