Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gold backwardization a preface to Economogeddon?

For those interested in PMs aka Precious Metals, gold and silver have recently taken a dip. Apparently some agree this may be the last "backwardization" in PMs for a long time, citing reference to PM patterns in 1979 - the last dip before a skyrocket leap as currencies plummeted. All told, from my own perspective, Id have to say that in light of current headlines regarding stock dumps, the manipulation of PM markets, and gold hoardingworldwide, my opinion is these people are spot-on. ...and good luck trying to buy any ammo anywhere; there just ain't any.

The Big Dogs on Wall Street are starting to get Very Nervous

Peter Schiff: “We are Headed for a Monetary Crisis, a Dollar Crisis …”

PDF: How Americans lost the right to own gold and became criminals in the process

Congressional Report: 36 pages of crimes committed by "Slick" Barry Soetoro

17 Examples of Admitted Vaccine Failure

Mexico: H7N3 outbreak now in 13 farms

US: The impact of sequestration on Americans' health

They Want To Tag Us Before They Bag Us

The Message – For All Who Love Christ

We The People Vs. “Them” – (The Frankfurt School Khazar Edomites are Training Law Enforcement)

02/22/2013 — Florida / Alabama RADAR pulse — From Feb. 20, 2013

Bilderberg Group Pushing For Global ID Card

U.S. Federal Court hits Slick Barry with three charges of abuse of office?

Guatamala, Terrorism and US

FOX Seattle: Nuclear waste leaks at Hanford are far worse than we thought (VIDEO)
Japan TV: The Nuclear Waste Curse — Animation shows spent fuel rods being exposed in Fukushima pool (VIDEO)
Newsweek Cover: Asteroid Apocalypse? Why Scientists Worry About 2036 ‘Planet Buster’ — “Head of Russian space agency takes threat of collision seriously, stating we have to prepare for the worst” (VIDEO)
Paper: News blackout over mystery barrels in Lake Superior — Purplish ooze, bouncing Geiger counters reported — No ‘immediate’ health threat to public
TV on U.S. Nuclear Waste Leak: Feds “just trying to figure out exactly what’s going on here” — “This has a lot of people saying, ‘What is going on out at Hanford?’” (VIDEOS)
Governor: “We received very disturbing news today” — Radioactive leak at U.S. nuclear site much larger than first reported — No ‘immediate’ health risks
HuffPost: Alarming that bluefin tuna near California still have Fukushima contamination — Study shows plant ‘most likely’ continues to leak
“Surprise” — Mainichi: It’s emerged that radiation surged to 700 times normal before people evacuated near Fukushima plant — Residents exposed to “high levels”


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