Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola: the perfect backdrop for the latest campaign of fearmongering to drive everyone to volunteering into the toxic vaccine agenda.

I just got done sitting through a series of presentations and speeches from some of the biggest money representatives in BigPharMafia, mostly patting each other on the backs for their ivy-league degrees and multiple billions in assets under management.  These were the finance guys, the ones who get venture capital to fund startups and IPOs etc. all talking about their latest breakthroughs to fight Ebola and whatnot, and how great it was they had such close ties to FDA who is helping fast-track their latest snake oil to market.  All the biggies were there:  Novartis, Merck, Pfizer, Roche... all of em.  I was right there rubbing elbows with them during breaks.  As one of the main discussions was Ebola I paid particular attention, and tactfully avoided mentioning the fact this viral bioweapon was born in a US pathology lab, and it's patent is owned by the CDC.  Likewise I held my tongue on vaccine toxicity and statistics while company after company praised themselves lauding the newest and latest vaccine developments.  With self-interested money-grubbing liars like this running BigPharMafia, it's no wonder to me at all why they all stay in business: clearly they are only interested in profits, which can only be realized if people remain sick - something they are clearly committed to maintaining for the long-term.  So sad.

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