Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola: looking more and more like it's all a big HOAX

Same script, different headline.

These sorry bastards!  Just like the "pandemic flu" - there is no comprehensive test to positively identify the disease.  They just lump sets of symptoms together - then use propaganda and fear to further their agenda.

The current so-called "Ebola outbreak" is the product of a CDC (bioweapons-laboratory produced) hybrid strain of the Ebola virus, HIV (Aids virus) & Bacterial Meningitis - the end result of numerous WHO-directed Mass Vaccination campaigns conducted throughout Africa (notably Small Pox, Hepatitis B, Meningitis & Polio). We're now reaping the consequences.

‘The viruses are generally attenuated on the basis of only a few mutations and have a considerable chance of reverting to wild-type thereby causing the very disease in vaccine recipients that they are aimed to prevent.‘ GIT Laboratory Journal

‘Despite the advantages of live, attenuated vaccines, there are some downsides. It is the nature of living things to change, or mutate, and the organisms used in live, attenuated vaccines are no different. The remote possibility exists that an attenuated microbe in the vaccine could revert to a virulent form and cause disease.’ US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The CDC [center for disease circulation and proliferation] & WHO [world homicide organization] opened up a can of worms here. The hubris and wanton disregard for human life behind this latest scandal will ultimately lead to their downfall. Vaccine Resistance Movement

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From the vaccine-manufacturer's insert for FluMist:

What this table means is that among children aged 6 months to 17 years, who received FluMist, between 1-7% of them were shedding the live virus through nasal secretions for up to 28 days post-vaccination. The vaccine manufacturer's insert warns about transmission to "immunocompromised household contacts."
What about classmates?  Children in school spend up to 7-8 hours together, five days a week, in close quarters. Don't parents have a right to know other children are contagious and are spreading the flu? AS A RESULT OF GETTING THE VACCINE!

“He’ll never get out of here”: Common Law activist Dean Clifford adopted as International Prisoner of Conscience after his year long incarceration without charges or trial in a Canadian prison

Typhoon winds up to 110 mph to hit Fukushima Daiichi, storm surge advisory issued — Nearly all gov’t forecasts show eye passing right over plant — Nuclear Expert: Expect radioactive material washing into Pacific Ocean (MAPS)

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