Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebolagate 16 October 2014

I will go on record as saying that in light of the many accounts that this media frenzy of fear-porn is most likely a giant staged hoax involving crisis actors and state-sponsored media complicity, that this entire charade rivals the magnitude of that which we witnessed in the days and weeks following mossad's false flag event of 911.  This being said, I will further venture to postulate that this Ebola hoax may indeed may very well be the next and new 911 two-point-oh that I and my friends and colleagues have been predicting for years.

It is clear to me that Edomite agents of Mossad have infiltrated and now dominate the CDC and most state health departments, and with recent articles published by Pakalert Press describing in detail new Israel-born nanorobotic bioweapons being hidden in vaccines, adding to this the years of research uncovering a complex Edomite-driven NWO agenda to depopulate the planet by a whopping 90-plus percent and re-engineer the DNA of the remaining population following an agenda of transhumanism, it further seems clear that this current program of fearmongering to drive the population to a new toxic vaccine could very well be the vehicle with which these genocidal satanists attempt to achieve their depopulation goal.

Already these staged charades are being used as pretext to justify further removal of civil liberties and deployment of martial-law conditions across the board.  This has all been planned well in advance by those who also designed these patented viral bioweapons and their toxic vaccines, in the full spirit of hegelian dialectic, which I call the shell game, also known as problem-reaction-solution.  By and large the brainwashed masses eat up what the MSM serves them, not doing their homework and trusting entirely that the television is telling them the truth, calling anyone like me an anti-American heretic.

Stupid kills, and even doubly so in this case.  Don't believe the hype.

"Nurse" Nina Pham is NOT a nurse, she's an MD whose last tweet is over three years old.

Ebola Vaccine Weaponized…Don’t Take It Under Any Circumstance!

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Aerosolization tests of Ebola in Animals at USAMRIID confirms disease can spread via air

Record Radiation at Fukushima after Vongfong: First tests since Tuesday’s typhoon show radioactive material continues rising near ocean — Officials: We can’t do anything more to stop this, ‘depth and scope’ of contamination flowing out are unknown

PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species — Experts: Take your kids to beach and see them before they’re gone; Worst outbreak ever known in the oceans; Catastrophic losses nearly everywhere we’ve been (VIDEO)

Agency: Fukushima workers urgently trying “to prevent groundwater from leaking into ocean” — Levels of nuclear waste surge next to sea — Strontium-90 shatters previous record by over 5 Billion Bq/m3 — Now 25 million times EPA limit

“Typhoon exited Japan over Fukushima” — Half foot of rain recorded around nuclear plant — Fukushima Worker: There’s no choice but to pray more radioactive material does not spread into ocean… That’s the reality of the situation we are facing (PHOTOS)

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