Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm hosting The Story Behind The Story this Friday featuring special guest filmmakers from the new documentary WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK

This Friday I will be hosting A. True Ott PhD's show The Story Behind The Story 7-9pm PST at in studio B.  Ordinarily during the show we would allow listener call-ins, but as today is likely going to be a full two hours of guest interviews, we are probably not going to open up the phone lines during the show.  Listeners are welcome to join the online chatroom and the studio engineer can pass questions on to me while I host the show.

As many as three of the filmmakers behind the new documentary We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook are planning to join me on-air this Friday.   This should be a lively discussion.

This film is currently under attack and is becoming difficult to keep posted.  The most recent posts to both vimeo and youtube have both been hacked down, and the film links I am presenting now are unlisted.  Please use the following links to FIRST download the film to your hard drive prior to watching it.

Download the 720p hi-res version of the film HERE.  (2.0 GB)
Download the 480p lo-res version of the film HERE. (580 MB)


Independent Media Solidarity

Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) is a newly established and loosely connected group of independent journalists. Their first documentary film is entitled, ‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.’

‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook’ is like no other Sandy Hook documentary. The closest match in terms of the depths to which it delves is the PBS documentary, ‘Raising Adam Lanza.’ The many videos independently produced and mostly found on YouTube are meaningful when taken as a whole, but none individually are as ground-breaking. What IMS has done is to push beyond the barrier that separates the independent producers of this type of content and the automatic acceptance enjoyed by main-stream news sources.

IMS has sought to avoid any semblance of the corporate news. They have no corporate structure and the people involved are not bound to the relationship. The underlying story here is about how the new media is unfolding as the old media atrophies from disuse. IMS was keen to exclaim that they encourage others to reach out to them or embark on similar ventures of their own. Ultimately, it may be groups like IMS and others that earn the credibility and popularity needed to become the present day media.

TyrannyNewsNetwork (TNN)

TNN is a self-styled journalist, sometimes podcast host, independent documentary producer, blogger and activist.

“I think the primary reason why our group wanted to report on Sandy Hook was its recency. Although nearly 2 years has passed, it was thought that an independent group should begin to unravel its secrets before it became another 9/11. Many people feel the opportunity has passed to reveal the secrets of 9/11, which occurred well over a decade ago now.” - See more at:

Swan Song

Swan Song Is just a guy...sick of the lies. A guy who is sick of the constant manipulating, spinning, massaging, altering, sensationalizing and outright bastardizing of the news. There's a reason they're called the "public" airwaves. They belong to us...and it's time we took them back.

“Insanemedia has never, in it’s 2 years online, contacted a Sandy Hook Event family member, harassed anyone, made claims it couldn’t substantiate, claimed no one died or disseminated any information it knew to not be true. But make NO mistake, when these fascists say they want people to stop harassing Sandy Hook families, they mean us as much as anyone else. God knows they’ve tried, in the last year especially, to browbeat and intimidate us into closing up shop and moving on. So far they’ve only succeeded in pissing us off. And what’s pissing me off today is the callousness and vitriol with which they demean and lessen the suffering of actual victims of crime with their manufactured disdain and propagandized delivery.”


QK is a very enigmatic figure who is difficult to pin down, let alone to interview or get to agree to a collaboration. None the less, he somehow turns up where and when he is needed to contribute his various investigative skills. Alone, he is powerful. In a group he provides the solutions to challenges as they emerge. He’s a practical idea man. Examples of his work as a solitary investigator are sometimes astonishing and can be viewed by visiting his YouTube channel. His contributions within various group environments have led to productions from well-known figures and to the more recent project, We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.

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