Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Keep the CHRIST in Christmas!

Please remember all, this holiday is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nothing else.

Be safe everyone.

RIP Dr. Mayer Eisenstein.

He who dies with the most toys is not the winner by a longshot.
He who dies with the most Jesus; that's another story entirely.

LAST CHANCE to download my two Xmas songs "Santa Claus Slept With My Girlfriend" and "The Little Drummer Dude"

The Actual Birthdate of Jesus Christ

List of Dead Microbiologists

War Crimes Case Filed in Germany

9 Foods You Should NEVER Eat

Are Vaccines Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

BOOK RELEASE: “The Targeting of Myron May” by Renee Pittman M.

Makow:  THE ILLUMINATI - The Cult that Hijacked the World

If Ever there is an Award Given Out for Flexing Your Rights, We Nominate this Guy


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