Monday, December 8, 2014


Just across the bridge from me protestors are at it again, in larger numbers, shutting down freeways and blocking commuter trains.  There have been episodes of vandalism.  MSM is having a field day talking about "gunmen" and "gun violence".   Folks, guns are not violent, they are inanimate objects controlled by people who are acting in violent ways.  Taking guns away from the population is exactly the goal and exactly what the 2nd 4th and 10th Amendments were created to protect against.

To me this is all a psyop with an endgame result goal of "civil unrest" - a national state of emergency declaration leading to the shredding of the Constitution permanently as we officially move to a full dictatorship and full-on martial law in the streets.  I perceive complicity across the board: from cops to judges to media and beyond.  I sense this is a Masonic plot.  The vandals are likely infiltrators from out of town on task to incite others and get the crowd labeled as dangerous, and to me its working.  Glad not to be any part of it.

Tomorrow's release of the Senate Intelligence report on CIA's torture history to me is also cleverly timed to happen at the height of the race-based "protests" happening now and is intended only to add fuel to a growing fire.  I can only imagine things are about to get a whole lot worse.

To me this is all by design, following a plan calculated by an AI supercomputer referred to literally as "the beast".

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