Sunday, November 30, 2014

We Need To Talk About SANDY HOAX

This new documentary film was just released today.  Tell a friend.

wouldn't ya know, only one day and the video has been pulled for whatever reason. the vimeo page is no longer up and the film link is dead. at least i got to see the entire thing. pity i was unable to save it to hard drive. stay tuned and if/when a new link becomes available I will post it here. meanwhile here are some other films regarding the same topic. also i found a new anomalies within the film as i did watch, and made a few screencaptures which i will comment on later in the post when i have time.

Attention: Our group produced video was removed from Vimeo. See the reason stated below. The video is totally gone at the moment. I have begun the upload to YouTube via the IMS channel. There’s little that anyone else can do, aside from notifying their subscribers that the video was removed, and that a replacement will be online asap. My guess is, it will be a 4 hour upload. So, there it is. The Good News is that, this don’t mean shit! I swear, my guess is that our video became literally viral within the Vimeo system. Proportionately, we had massive traffic there.The stats for less than 48 hours was like 18,000+ views and add something like 70+ added followers and all glowing comments. For Vimeo size, that's pretty viral. I’ll send another message as soon as the replacement video is loaded or if anything else develops. 

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