Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"By Means Of Deceit, We Shall Wage War"

This is the verbage of the Mossad logo, translated loosely from Hebrew to English.

98% Vaccinated Involved in Whooping Cough Outbreak

CDC Wants to Infect Adults with Measles

MMR Vaccine May Cause Cancer and Mutate DNA

I don't have a shred of evidence to procure - yet - but my reputation for sniffing out bullshit is basically what got me here this far.  This being said, here are some gut feelings and predictions I have to state:

ISIS is mossad.  Period.  Al-Qaeda is CIA, who in turn just like MI-6, works with and for Mossad.  Period.

The recent series of beheading videos are all elaborately produced fakes, for more see the film Wag The Dog.

The 26-year old Mueller girl allegedly killed the other day by "isis" is another crisis actor, and so are all her alleged "family" and they are all poorly acting for the camera.  Their grief is so thickly faked you can cut it with a knife and spread it on a bagel.  

The Monarch Program (modern iteration of MK-ULTRA combined with FBI's COINTELPRO) is extremely real and wildly prolific.

Last night's alleged shooting of three muslims to me appears to be yet again staged.

Slick Barry on cue has now used all of the above as pretext to begin the next world war, aka WWIII, by asking Congress to fund the next 3 years of war against "isis" which MMS is promoting can promote an "unhealthy alliance between the US and Iran."  

I understand how the KJV1611 was created and why the Jesuits tried and failed to kill King James in 1605 while he was busy creating it.  I continue to read and study its un-copyrighted word-for-word translation from original Scripture.

I have done some math.  May I suggest those who have not yet, bust out your calculators.

DO THE MATH folks.

It's not rocket science; it really isn't.

I have nothing else to say.

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