Sunday, February 22, 2015

Edomite-laden satanism of the Oscars

Just now watching hooknosed edomite Lady Gag-Gag perform yet another symbolically-laden performance amidst yet another display of hollywood satanism the likes of which i dont have time to describe in full detail.

I dare say there have only been but a few non-edomite names and faces in tonights show.  Save for the black ones all promoting a film about a civil rights "leader" the story of which is so far from the truth it hurts.  megapuke.

Not going into the symbolism origin of the oscar statuette itself, or the stage design of a circle of 16 repetetive segmented oscars laid out like pie pieces.  Inbetween two other smaller circles of similar design.  Or the hanging movable pillars reminiscent of the outer facace design of the fallen twin towers.  Nope.  Not going there.

Here is the playback of Friday night's show with guest Peter Moon.  Not discrediting or disrespecting his work at all, but it did annoy me a bit when I suggested the new book of his was a deviation from the previous four and his denial of the suggestion; despite his freely admitting he had authored this one alone and it was not a retranslation of works submitted to him in the previous four by romanian Radu Cinamar.

Julianne Moore best actress, another hooknosed edomite.  oy.

As much as I respect the work of Peter Moon, I didn't want to challenge him on air with my beliefs that despite his entrancement with the spiritual enlightenment of "blue goddesses" and whatnot, that evil demonic entities are also "spiritual".

Sean Penn hands out the oscar for best picture.  another hooknosed edomite.  oy.

Birdman wins.   No relevance whatsoever to ancient heiroglyphics.

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