Friday, February 13, 2015

My anti-vaccination stickers are getting a lot of comments.

A long long time ago I got some of the now-discontinued bumper stickers from and i put them up in my windows.  Due to recent vaccine propaganda Ive heard an interesting mix of comments from people walking by who arent aware I can hear them.  Most are supportive comments.  Some are not.

Id forgetten Slick Barry was in town and was astonished at my bad luck to have my daily trip to the gym interrupted by his motorcade.  Very glad he's leaving town in the morning for Palm Springs.  Good riddance douchenozzle.

Tonights TSBTS was hosted by a guest host who brought on the researchers behind new microbial environmental cleanup technology, more info at - amazing stuff.  We should all be implementing it.

Next 2 Fridays I will be hosting the show, and bringing on returning guest Peter Moon as well as hosting discussions on vaccines.  7-9pm PST at - studio B.

Most of the following links are in continuance to my previous post focusing on the latest vaccine issues.

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