Sunday, February 19, 2012

A rare comment about a personal thing

I usually avoid talking about anything involving my personal life, unless I can find some way it ties in to what I focus on here.  Sadly my own blood relatives have found their way into my posts, for my recognizing their concerted efforts to program me, as directed by Masonic protocols, which rule just about every member of my immediate family.   This next thing I'm about to say doesn't have such a direct connection, but in some way it does have merit simply for the fact it is part of my past and all that made who I am today.

I've had a blast hanging out with an old friend I met my first year at UCSB in 1985, someone with whom I shared a band while in college, and who has gone on to accomplish amazing musical feats ever since.  I'm talking about guitarist Brian Jordan, and if you don't know who he is, maybe through me you'll get treated to one of God's most amazing musical prodigies.

After college I lost touch with everyone in the band, which was a 7-piece funk band called Under Influence.  We did covers by Prince, The Time, Scritti Politti, Peter Gabriel, and so many others, plus our own originals.  We did a pro multitrack demo in our 3rd year together and at the time it really kicked ass.  Tracked at Santa Barbara Sound (now SoundDesign) at 33 West Haley in SB and we had no idea how on top of the world we were at the time, hanging with the likes of Flora Purim, Aerto Moiera, Kenny Loggins, Donald Fagen, Jerry Moss, and so many others.

So when I bumped into him playing at my friend's club a few months ago I was floored.  Today he is back in town, just played the Fillmore, and we are hanging out again.

It's real cool to run into old friends.  Makes all the bullshit inbetween bearable.

May we all learn such lessons.

Something else happened tonight which I think deserves mention.  At a club later in the evening, while out front talking to some friends, I was introduced to a few women.  We began chatting and they were curious about my research blog and so on.  I distilled my response to a few basic statements, one of which included the revelation that "jews" are not descendants of Jacob but rather Esau/Edom and are in all actuality bloodline Caananite Edomites, but also that just being of the bloodline does not make you a satanist, that it is an individual choice, and that while many have chosen the path of Lucifer, many have not and I have many "Jew" friends who are the greatest people in the world, and certainly aware they are not Satanists and praise their lord Yahweh aka Yeshua.  These people denounce such practices as ritual sacrifice and "Purim" coming up here on March 7.  Despite their being of the Edomite bloodline, they have chosen God over Satan.  I continued to express my concerns that the Edomites of Israel intend seriously to kill most of the planet off in a ceremony of the phoenix that will begin by lighting off WWIII in the attacking of Iran in a very short few weeks.

But this one woman blurted out she was pro-Israel, thinks Israel has a right to exist, and is very anti-Palestine.  I looked her in the eye and said clearly and calmly, then you and I have nothing to talk about, as I completely disagree with you in the most committed way.  She wasnt ready for that.  After losing her thought train for the next few statements and rapidly changing posture and gestures in a display of obvious discomfort, she elected not to engage and instead followed my lead on the rest of the dialogue as we were with one other female who just wanted to hear me talk about music - probably a lot more.  I didnt hear a peep out of this pro-Israel chick the rest of the night.  Maybe I made my point.  Hmmm.

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