Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Early March: Falseflag blamed on Iran followed by Israel attack on Iran, followed by population-killing biological retaliation?

Gee do ya THINK?

As the recent posts have shown, more than several sources are claiming the early March timeline for the much-anticipated and dreaded Israel attack on Iran.  Few have gone into detail, suggesting that on March 2 a US naval vessel will be attacked and the attack blamed on Iran, leading to both the strait closing and Israel beginning its attack on Iran.  I have also shown for quite some time that both Israel and Iran have the largest stockpiles of advanced bioweapons and killer lab viruses on the planet, and that they both intend to use them - in the case of Iran, implementing their MAD (mutually assured destruction) protocol just milliseconds before being turned into a glowing sea of glass.   The Iran retaliation on the planet will begin an unstoppable series of domino events reminiscent of the films Twelve Monkeys and I Am Legend, among a few others.

Remember that March 4 are the Russian presidential elections and that March 8 begins the Edomite ("Jewish") festival of Purim celebrating the mass murder of "goyim" Christians.


On another note:  I've recently photographed some of my Morgellons scab samples under the microscope, and hold onto your hats folks, youre not gonna believe what you see in this next video I post.  I've seen just about every Morgellons photo out there, and I have NEVER seen before some of the things I just got done photographing.  I have drawn some interesting conclusions about my findings, which I will post along with the video during the day sometime tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Also:  Defeat in Georgia.  Despite the overwhelming evidence presented by Orly Taitz Esq and others to show clearly that Slick Barry is indeed not eligible to be or run for president, the presiding judge ruled in spite of the evidence and declared the impostor is eligible to be on the November ballot.  I can only assume an appeal is pending.  Why does this not surprise me.  I wonder what Dr. Fred Graves JD has to say to this.   I'll ask him.

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