Friday, February 3, 2012

Are we all about to DIE in a few weeks?

As the piece below by Tim Alexander [Earl of Stirling] has carefully pointed out, the MAD (mutually assured destruction) protocol of Iran and its allies Russia and China includes advanced biological weapons and killer chimera lab viruses, such as I have been researching and reporting on since day 1 of this blog back in 2009.

Local TV news is now trumpeting the propaganda that Israel has declared that Iran has nukes that can reach the US (megapuke) and that CIA chief Panetta says Israel is likely to hit Iran in the spring.  With the massing of 100,000 troops in the persian gulf to be accomplished by mid-Feb, looks like the stage will be finally set for World War Three.

I pray this doesn't happen, because it will wipe out most of human civilization (and the rest of the animal kingdom) on the surface of the planet a-la Twelve Monkeys or I Am Legend - with a little Contagion in the mix, except the vaccines wont save anyone only increase the death rates.

I for one would like to live to see another birthday and many more.  This is now seriously in question.

I fear that most people are locked in to the denial behavioral disorder known as normalcy bias and think everything is fine, no way is Israel gonna start WWIII and kill us all.  If they do, most will likely die at their keyboards typing away about some candidate they will never live to see get elected.

Pray; all of our lives depend on it.

Today's SF skies are once again filled with chem-crap and planes clearly visible as they mar the skies with long lines of freshly sprayed aerosols containing the transhumanistic amyloid nanopolymer components that yield the Morgellons condition in addition to toxic heavy metals.   Hack, cough, spit, repeat.

On another note: I am busy processing the most recent TSBTS broadcasts and should have them posted to YouTube soon, to be up to date by the end of this weekend.  Stay tuned.

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