Friday, February 24, 2012

There is no such thing as "flu season"

People all over the bay area are falling ill to the "flu", and reports have been on the news in recent weeks of norovirus outbreaks in local highschools prompting closures and quarantines, with hundreds falling ill.  Every other corner is a Walgreens or CVS advertising prominently "flu shots" along with all sorts of other shots for shingles, MMR, whooping cough, whatever.  Im guessing pretty soon youll be able to drive thru and order a McFluShot™ kids meal with fries, a sodapop and a CDC action hero.

For those who have followed my blog from the beginning, you are likely familiar with how I started: first by being a regular guest caller on Dr Bill Deagle's radio show beginning April 09 as the first reports of H1N1 were coming in as discovered in Mexico communities suspiciously close to a Baxter facility, and the fiasco we all endured by sharing honest research with the malicious disinformative and dangerous mkultra psyop agent known as "Jane Burgermeister" - who turned around and bastardized it, adding incoherent babble and direct accusations against Slick Barry, submitting the almost 500-page treatise of nonsense as a "request for injunction" against forced vaccinations - in addition plagiarizing the valid research and going on her interview circuit and so on claiming the material as her own original research.  She claimed to be a journalist for Fox, although no Fox office claims to have employed her, and she claimed to be the first to report on Baxter shipments of live H5N1 virus in vaccine shipments in Austria, although the original report was printed in Austrian papers, none bearing her name as the author.  Research concluded she bore ties to the former Bush administration, was using false identity, and was broadcasting from the US while claiming to be in Europe.  Further investigation revealed strong ties to cointelpro and psyop masters Bert Stubblebine and Rima Laibow.  Today she has a cult personality following, who sharply attack anyone revealing any of this information about her.  She created her own page in Wikipedia.  Complete narcissist, classic MK subject.

Moving on, discussions centered around the recombinant nature of this triple-triple recombinant chimera lab virus being called H1N1, and the inherent quality it has of constantly changing its genetic makeup by grabbing new genetic info from each new host as it jumps from host to host - and the resultant impossibility of any vaccine being able to isolate any variant long enough to generate a vaccine, again assuming that vaccines work, which they don't.  DynCorp patents were tracked down, and careful observation given to Ft Detrick's Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger, Dr Terrence Tumpey and pals for having resurrected the 1918 Spanish Flu from frozen lung tissue found in an Innuit woman dug up from Alaskan permafrost in 1997 - completed in 2004.

Fast forward to the work of Henry Niman PhD of Recombinomics (who I call LIEman).  In the business of "tracking" the recombinant changes of this lab virus, he maintains support for vaccines meanwhile denying the virus' lab origins, instead claiming it spawned randomly from nature.  A few things he has clearly shown is that the recombinant nature of this frankenvirus does grab new genetics, and certain variants have shown to have very high case fatality rates, and that at some point down the line is the real likelihood of it grabbing H5N1 genetics, making this scenario extremely grave.  He reported, correctly, that as of last year, there were no more regular "flu" cases in the world, that the old H3N2 variants had been completely crowded out by the increasing many variants of the new H1N1 bioweapon.

Media wants you to believe there is such a thing as "flu season" which is 100 percent bullshit.  Please folks, do not go rushing to get a shot because the TV told you to.  Naturopathic preventive practices can protect you from viral infection, as can self-quarantining and good hygiene.

Please folks, do your homework.

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