Monday, June 4, 2012

Shooting the messenger

We are seeing this activity played out right now at the Vatican, as the media continues to focus on the butler's transgression of leaking secrets to the public, as opposed to the scandalous content of what was actually released.

The great thing about being a hypocrite is you are never wrong.

Well, at least I know people are reading this blog. A co-worker the other day advised me that I was known for expressing controversial views and that others were reading my blog, and that I should be careful, that I may have to make a choice between posting my views and succeeding financially; that my efforts could affect me negatively. This, after a few weeks ago running into one of my former sponsors at the Bohemian Club (they tried for years to get me to join as a singer/musician) who told me more or less the same thing, that what I'm doing here could come back to bite me in the ass. I held my tongue as I fought the urge to tell him what he could bite.

These efforts, begun way back in 1988 which have culminated now in this blog and my occasional radio broadcasts, have already affected me negatively. My own mother and sister, along with the rest of my immediate family, treat me as if I were an international terrorist, and hang up every time I attempt to call, and have ceased all contact. It's been this way now since 2007 when my sister married an Edomite she met at a brainwashing cult in Los Angeles, one not too dissimilar from Scientology. Now that my mom has a son-in-law, and a new grandkid, she has no use at all for her own defective son. Financially however I can't say that my efforts here have had any effect whatsoever; my ability to function professionally has not been affected one way or another, and I have yet to hear any of my clients complain. Any who would complain are probably clients I wouldn't want to service anyway.

There have been many positive effects from my efforts. I have successfully been able to inspire others into doing their own research, by way of taking the doctor-science-techno-jargon that many find hard to understand and retranslating it all into something just about any average highschool kid can get. This was one of the reasons Dr. Deagle welcomed me to his show in 2009 calling me the "superblogger", for my ability as a songwriter to express complex ideas simply, and for my instinctive nose for bullshit.

So long as the First Amendment protects my right to free speech, I shall continue to post my views and findings as I see fit, and I guarantee that much of it will continue to piss people off as many do not like hearing anything which contradicts their entrenched position, a product of mass brainwashing.

Truth: pissing people off since the beginning of time.

On the Morgellons channel:

I am now 1/3 through my 90-day participation in Dr Wil Spencer's clinical study involving a daily regimen of specially-formulated plant-based minerals and micronutrients, enzymes and gastrointenstinal cleansers, and high-density oxygen therapy.  After 30 days I am now a true believer that this stuff works against Morgellons, and works well.  I havent had irritation outbreaks in weeks, havent had any new lesions appear, and those I did have weeks ago are now mostly healing, with only a few still scabbing up.  I can say with confidence that for today, it appears my Morgellons condition is on a trend toward remission.  Time will tell, and I am anxious to complete the entire 90-day program.  More on Dr Wil and this program at

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There is a tentative hearing date in the Senate Health Committee for AB2109 of June 27th. Hearings are always at 1:30 pm in this committee. This is not set in stone and it not even visible anywhere. I'm just giving those of you who are considering traveling a long distance the most notice possible so you can plan. But this could change. I will send out another alert when there is a more concrete date set.

We have a possibility of having another organization place a billboard in Sacramento against this bill. We need to raise close to $4000 to make that happen. Please reply if you can commit to donating to that effort. This is not a for sure thing, I am simply trying to get a feel for whether or not people would donate to the effort. I will contact you back if the effort gains momentum and let you know where to send the check.

Below are 2 excellent videos and one very interesting article from Dr. Mercola regarding how doctors are rewarded for keeping vax rates high. Just passing them along as an FYI. As always, attached is the contact information for the Senate Health Committee.

In Health and Liberty,

Dawn Winkler
CA State Co-Director
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Executive Director
Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI)

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