Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FDA recalls 2.8 million Fluzone vaccines
Fluzone(R), Influenza Virus Vaccine, Single-Dose Vials, 0.5 mL, NDC
49281-011-10. Recall # B-0460-12
Lot numbers U4114DA, exp 6/30/12; U4118AA, exp 6/30/12; U4118BA, exp
6/30/12; U4118BB, exp 6/30/12; U4122AA, exp 6/30/12; U4122BA, exp
6/30/12; U4122CA, exp 6/30/12; U4124AA, exp 6/30/12; U4124BA, exp
6/30/12; U4124CA, exp 6/30/12; U4147AA, exp 6/30/12; U4147BA, exp
6/30/12; U4147CA, exp 6/30/12; U4149AA, exp 6/30/12; U4159DA, exp
6/30/12; U4178AA, exp 6/30/12; U4178BA, exp 6/30/12; U4184AA, exp
6/30/12; and U4197AB, exp 6/30/12
Sanofi Pasteur, Inc., Swiftwater, PA, by letter on November 14, 2011.
Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Fluzone(R), Influenza Virus Vaccine, Single-Dose Vials, 0.5mL,
misbranded due to an error in the Prescribing Information (PI) included
in packages of 10 single-dose vials of Fluzone vaccine, was distributed.
*2,832,810 units****

$61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured  by a Vaccine Negotiated by Attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA

Radiation-Tainted Japanese Car Parts Confiscated At Russia's Far Eastern Border

China Enters The Danger Zone, SocGen Presents The Four Critical Themes

New Jersey Will Pay You $1000 To Destroy The 2nd Amendment

USDA Scientist Reveals All: Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers

Anthrax jabs stockpiled in (Olympics) biological terrorism alert/ London Evening Standard

Clinical Trial Tests Unsafe Anthrax Vaccine For Post-Exposure Use

Israel – our absolute worst enemy!

1/11/2012 — Global earthquake overview — Europe, Asia, Americas — 2 week forecast

75 Israeli shells bombard Lebanon during "Military Exercise" 

Two new US carrier battle groups now in Middle East - USS Carl Vinson super-carrier and USS Makin Island assault carrier 

Iran: A quickly evolving geopolitical imbraglio - Part III

War Plan Iran: China Snubs Washington's Best-Laid Plans to Destabilize Iran's Oil Industry

US steps up Covert War against Iran with yet another assassination of a Nuclear Scientist

Strait of Hormuz: Danger waters - Part 1 of 2

Russia warns West against an attack on Iran

US Navy and Air Force on Hormuz readiness

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