Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Morgellons, Transhumanism, and the missing 3rd season of "V"

I submit the very reason the series "V" was cancelled prior to its third season is that they were going to divulge through predictive programming the Morgellons/chemtrail agenda, as dramatized at the end of the 2nd season in the visitors' release of the "Red Rain" program - where they made all the skies fill with red clouds that rained down on everyone on the planet, infesting them all with DNA-changing nanotech parasites... hybridizing the entire human race into something the Vs could inter-breed with.  The first two seasons of V, as I have written of before, have consistently divulged many agendas which parallel many of the things I have researched and commented on at this site from day one.  As I look up to the chemtrail-filled skies of San Fransisco today and see rows of freshly painted parallel cotton-candy lines in the sky falling and dissipating into purplish grey cloudlike groundhugging mist, as I hack out lungfuls of chemtrail lung cookies (CLCs), I think to myself this is exactly the parallel they were about to portray in season 3 of V which was abruptly cancelled without explanation, in spite of its incredibly high ratings for ABC.  For those who havent seen the first two seasons, they are not available for replay on the ABC site, despite the fact that all of their other shows are available.  You'll need to search for the torrent on thepiratebay.org and download the two seasons of episodes via BitTorrent.  Here are links for the torrents which I have successfully downloaded: Season 1   Season 2

With the discussions going on over at A. True Ott's show The Story Behind The Story regarding transhumanism, which I also refer to as transgenics, I see this cancellation of the 3rd series of V directly relating to this entire big picture as it relates to chemtrails and Morgellons.  I desperately wish to know the screenplays written for the unproduced and unpublished 3rd season episodes of the series V, for if we knew what these storylines were, it is my contention we would have much greater insight into the very real program of transhumanism as it is being implemented upon humanity by the Edomites today.

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