Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SFBayArea chemtrail assault continues

We had "spare the air day" number twelve the other day, and today once again the skies are literally filled with planes and the crap theyve dumped, creating the groundhugging dry metallic mist.  Par for the course, the local TV weatherpeople are calling it "hazy sunshine" and "dry mist" and "air pollution" meanwhile showing sky shots with clearly visible fresh trails streaking across the sky.  One weatherperson went so far as to describe the cloudlike matter as "wisps of cirrus" and while pointing to a chemtrail actually calling it a "trail" and a good photo opportunity.   Hack, cough, spit, mega-barf, repeat.

As you read the posts below regarding the Khazars, pay special attention to the latest part VI where Ray Kurzweil talks about the trans-human.  This is transhumanism, transgenics, the new eugenics.  This is exactly what I have been discussing regarding the Morgellons condition which is being introduced globally to all living things via the chemtrails and has been going on for decades.  It is this nano-robotic assault on our physiology, and our very DNA, which is the heart of the matter.  This is beyond germ warfare aka bio-warfare.  This is genetic warfare, and it is in my understanding far more dangerous than all the others.

Dr. Bill Deagle: a paid-for mouthpiece for the Republican party?  I'm not advocating the Dems by this commentary, lord knows they are no saints.  The problem is the big hegelian dialiectic or hoodwink of it all: to think that selecting either of the two offered party selections will make any difference.  The masons controlling it all (or the Rothschilds) don't care so long as you just pick one, no matter how "libertarian" they may appear.  No one gets to be a candidate for either party without swearing blood oaths, period.  Today I just happened to listen in to see what was up over in Dr. Deagle's camp, and he is ranting on about how "president" Ron Paul is the only solution, that he will get us out of war and end the economic problems.  Again, no mention of why Ron Paul no longer pushes to reopen the 911 investigation, why he blew off Dane Phillips when approached about the fraud of the Fed and actually closing it down and having the Treasury issue currency, and no mention of the fact that Paul is a high-level master mason, reportedly a Rosicrucian.  Any educated rational person knows that even if elected there is no way in hell TPTB are going to let "president" Paul make the moves to end the Fed or otherwise such as he is promising now during his campaign.  After hearing Deagle continue to promote Larouche for years, meanwhile not addressing the obvious ties to Israel and the "mormon church" from the other republican candidates, it seems quite clear to me that Deagle is just another bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece for the Republican party by promoting the obvious decoy, Ron Paul - who is being sent in by the masons as a "pressure release valve" to provide a disingenuous front giving the public the false hope that they have a voice in the process.  Additionally Deagle and his buddy Tim Alexander continue to support OccupyWallStreet despite the raw evidence linking this movement to Soros, the Rothschilds and communism.  I've also noticed that Freeman, who once included the "love frequency" in one of his animated music videos, also vigorously supports #OWS.  Is it possible these people are unaware of the proven ties to Soros, Peter Lewis and the Rothschilds or that this is a complete re-enactment of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917?  Things that make me go hmmmmmm.

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