Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The chemtrails over San Francisco continue at absurd levels

Well the chemtrails in San Francisco are once again relentlessly raining down upon our heads, submerging the entire bay area in a thick dry metallic mist that causes me to continually hack up white chalky chemtrail lung cookies (CLCs). Its just frickin ridiculous. I don't know what cocktail they are serving us today, but its a different mixture insomuch that Ive seen planes flying in groups of two, one right behind the other, the front plane spraying something that disappeared rather quickly while the second laid a thick cotton candy trail that thickened into the wispy "clouds" as it descended to ground level. The skies are filled with these greenish white wispy trail-clouds along with dark-purple chem-clouds formed from an obviously different mix. In my humble opinion, the throttle on this agenda has been turned WAY UP.

Today Dr. A. True Ott discussed Mitt Romney and the satanic origins and practices of the Mormon "church". Follow the Georgia case challenging Slick Barry's eligibility

H5N1 controversy: Caution urged for mutant flu work

Mexico: 298 TB cases in Juarez in 2011

H5N1 controversy: Studies must go on, says scientist

And The Winner Is...Gold

Yosemite HD Chemtrails

Microchipping the people without their consent

1/25/2012 — Tornadoes developing over Texas — Midwest USA be aware — MO, AR, OK, IL, IN, TN, KY, KS, LA, MS

1/25/2012 — State of the Union address = WHAT THE FRACK?!

Opening A New Theater of War In The North American Homeland

Are George Soros, The IMF And The World Bank Purposely Trying To Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us?

Elites pushing Class Warfare is just another False Paradigm

United Kingdom gears up for Iran face-off

Warning signs that we should prepare for the worst

Israeli Assassinations and American Presidents

US Military refuses to drive Bilderberg Israeli Bus off cliff into World War III

Chinese supertankers hired for Iran oil

Mass Graves Outside of Chicago

This is no time for sabre-rattling. War with Iran could tip us into the bloodiest conflict since 1945

Israeli MK tells US: Prepare for Jordanian King Abdullah's Fall

The Disease Machine: Why Drug Makers Keep You Sick

The Vaccination Agenda: Implicit Transhumanism

Former Georgian President (and Soviet Foreign Minister) Shevardnadze: Saakashvili and Obama Plotting Attack on Iran

Davos 2012: From Capitalism to Fascism

Los Angeles: Joint police-military exercises

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