Saturday, January 7, 2012

Update on my Morgellons condition

A friend recently asked how I was doing and I thought I'd go ahead and write my reply as a post for all to see.  First of all, anyone experiencing the outward manifestations of this condition [which we ALL have] knows, the lesions never really go away even though they appear to die and somewhat heal over time.  They leave behind dark purplish scars, mostly with hardened raised centers, some with tiny scabs.  The one lesion I had on my stomach has long stopped bothering me but the telltale scar it left behind is a reminder I see every time I look at myself in a mirror.  The lesions I have on the back of my legs are improving; there are far less active and painful lesions than a few months ago, but the scars left behind make it look like a war was fought using heavy artillery and I took some shrapnel.  I've been immersing myself in hot epsom salt water baths for as long as I can tolerate, been visiting steam and sauna rooms as frequently as possible and staying as long as I can, applying tea tree oil and using tea tree oil soap, also comfrey root and other topical solutions.  Dietwise I've greatly reduced all sugar intakes, completely eradicated all forms of GMO corn products, and have been taking my regular daily shake comprised of a large handful of supplements and mixed powders and extracts in fresh squeezed citrus juice with raw organic cranberry, heavy on the lemon.  Adding the oregano oil to the mix has made a noticeable improvement, however its required managing my shake around eating other food as these capsules containing the raw oil are very tough on the digestive tract - I really feel them when the gelatin capsules dissolve and I start absorbing the oil.  I have yet to deal with Dr. Wil Spencer's protocol, completely a financial matter as its the slow season workwise and I'm counting pennies.

I still have a growing collection of biopsy samples that I promised long ago to put under the microscope and photograph in addition to the footage I've already posted... I admit to procrastinating in this as I've continued to be sidetracked with other distractions.  Soon I intend to get this all documented and posted, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile the skies overhead continue to be bombarded with aerosol crap spewing from planes the FAA denies exist.  The local news continues to cover it up, calling it "haze" and blaming the "pollution" on dry weather, stagnant air and wood-burning fireplaces.  What complete and utter bullshit.  First of all we've had La Niña-type winds with gusts up in the 30s for days and days, second the weather dry or wet has not affected the density of the particulate count in the air as the planes spewing this crap have been flying nonstop round the clock every day for as long as I can remember in recent history, and the dry metallic "haze" has permeated even on wet, drizzly, and foggy days.  Not just in the morning, but throughout the day I continue to expel large chalky-yellowish-white chemtrail lung cookies (CLCs).  I've increased my supplement intake to include effective expectorants which help me purge the crap caking onto the inside of my lungs as I breathe this crap.  I strongly feel that wearing N95 or better masks in heavy spray times and coughing out as much as possible really helps toward managing the Morgellons condition by limiting the rate with which the toxic nano-components are ingested into the system.

As I have more to report, I will post.

Remember how much I've been warning the "truthers" following Aj around and worhipping the ground he walks on that he is married to an Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomite?  Read on...

Just got this from Tom Gambill. Edmund L. Nichols is the father of the wife of Alex Jones. –Lisa



United States v. Nichols, District of Columbia

On October 6, 1993, Edmund L. Nichols, the former Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs to United States Missions to the European Communities (USEC) and Spain pled guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of interest law when he authorized payments to his wife, through a fictitious catering firm, for providing official entertainment services. Nichols, as a career Senior Foreign Service Officer employed by the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), was assigned to the USEC in Brussels, Belgium, during 1990-9 1 and to the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain, from 1991 until September 1993.

Nichols admitted approving payment of 12 invoices, totalling $4,393, from a purported catering firm called The Party Planner, knowing that there was no such firm and that the catering services had been provided by his wife for official parties which he had hosted. Regulations prohibit spouses from being compensated for personal entertainment services. As part of his plea agreement, Nichols submitted to involuntary retirement from the FAS, and repaid $1,849 in FAS funds which he had obtained through other false claims unrelated to the fraudulent catering invoices.

On December 13, 1993, Nichols was sentenced to one year of probation. a $2,500 fine and 200 hours of community service.

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