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San Francisco's sordid history of biological experimentation

Nevin v. USA / Bacteriological Warfare Experimentation
Nevin v. USA
Nevin & Absalom

1980 lawsuit against Department of The Army for 1950 bacteriological warfare experimentation in San Francisco. From offshore US Navy ships The Army sprayed the City with live bacteria, serratia marcescens. Edward J. Nevin, Mr. Nevin's grandfather, died of infection from that organism a few weeks thereafter. This action was brought on behalf of all of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Edward Nevin. US District Court Judge, Samuel Conti, found in favor of the government on all issues, but the public benefit was that the National press was seated in the jury box, because juries are not allowed for suit against the United States Government. The press carried daily stories and thus the historical facts were made known across the nation by both newspapers and television and radio. The Story was also told by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes.

Clouds of Secrecy
By Leonard A. Cole

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