Saturday, January 14, 2012

Most people think our hitting Iran is no big deal and that Israel is justified

As we all sat glued to our televisions watching the 49ers win a nailbiter against the Saints, few were looking outside and up at the sky full of fresh chemtrails, and certainly fewer still were observing the rapidly accelerating military course to World War Three being taken by the Edomite-driven state of Israel against the sovereign and peaceful nation of Iran.  People in general whom I've talked to about this have their varying opinions, but in general they all mostly feel it's no big deal, that we will prevail against Iran and that will be that.  They have no idea of the alliances Iran has with Russia and China, or that they have explicitly stated previously that any attack on Iran will be met by MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction protocols in the forms of sleeper cells employing deadly dirty nuke and advanced biological weapons.  They have no idea that Israeli security for years has been implanting nukes inside the US Europe and elsewhere disguised as "security cameras" which can easily be remote-detonated to execute yet another false-flag to be blamed on - you guessed it - Iran.  Most people have no idea that in 2006 the chinese minister of defense spoke to its parliament that in five years time China would begin colonizing attacks against the United States, employing weather warfare and advanced biologicals.  I am amazed at the depth to which most people are afflicted with normalcy bias, a cognitive behavioral disorder, and the extremes to which it negatively affects their judgement.   The very fact that this aggression could lead to World War Three means that for most people, it will catch them very literally with their pants down; completely unaware and defenseless.  A huge number of people are gonna get hit with truth like a freight train, and then lights out.

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