Sunday, June 17, 2012

A grim reminder of mortality - a sad day in rock and roll

A stage collapsed in Toronto yesterday an hour before a rock concert was to begin, killing one stagehand and sending another to the hospital with serious injuries.  This could have been me or any one of the many that I work with producing rock events in the bay area.  While working with my crew yesterday we all mourned the loss of one of our brothers, and reminded ourselves of the importance of safety, especially with respect to rigging.  If youre lighting and you fail, no one can see the artist; if you are audio and fail, no one can hear the artist; but if you are rigging and you fail, you kill the artist.  Turns out our group was not involved in the construction of the high scaffolding which collapsed, for if we were rest assured it would not have given way.  I dont know the full story yet, but it appears that cutting corners can get people killed, and with the international IATSE union you may pay extra, but you get what you pay for: OSHA-compliant safety procedures and highly skilled and experienced technicians.  There are many ways to get hurt or killed in event production, and the importance of safety is not to be underestimated, nor can it be assigned a price.  My heart goes out to the fallen worker's family and friends.  Flags are flying half-staff at the union halls across the globe.

A. True Ott PhD interviewed Peter Moon on The Story Behind The Story for the full two hours this past Friday, and I am so glad to hear the conversation as True and Peter have been friends for many years, and are able to go way down the rabbithole with ease and precision.  Ive downloaded the audio of the show and plan to post in the next few days, and will then begin playing catch-up with the archives of the show since the last one I posted at the end of May.

Weve had sickeningly thick chemtrails in SF the past few days, enough so that Ive developed a plastic taste in my mouth and feel like my skin on my arms and face has been sprayed with a type of glue that I notice is not there, leaving me quite refreshed, after Ive showered and scrubbed it off.  My CLCs (chemtrail lung cookies) have returned in full force, and I now again have morning rituals of at least ten minutes of hacking them out into a paper bag.  I suppose I should put a sample under the microscope... i have a growing surplus of unviewed samples I need to get to and record so I can post for you all to see what I see.  My clinical study program sponsored by Dr Wil Spencer is going well, Im now taking more of the plant-based minerals and microorganisms as Im excited to see the progress so far is positive with regard to my Morgellons condition.  More on this later, hopefully with some photos.

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