Thursday, June 7, 2012

Edomite gatekeepers and disinformational infiltrators: the SherriLen

I realize this is beating a dead horse metaphorically, however the example of the Edomite bopsie twins has surfaced yet again for display to all as an example of what to look out for with regard to disinformational infiltrators into the "truth" movement.  As I spoke previously of controlled opposition, the Edomites have done well to place a few of their own into the "truth" movement, and to this day some people don't understand the disguise, the alterior agenda, or the direct ties to Bert Stubblebine who is one of the real masters of this stuff called Psychological Warfare or PSYOPS.

For those unfamiliar with this ongoing saga, you may wish to refer back to the post log and read through the history relating to these two, starting from the first few posts which address why the changeover from the former Wordpress blog.  I won't take up space here to rehash what has already been posted.  If you dont get the relevance of why Im posting this here now, then you havent done your homework.

Of course, I'm referring to SherriLen, the joined-at-the-hip combined entity of "Doctor" (dentist) Lenny Horowitz and his female sidekick Sherri Kane.

In this most recent example, we see footage of Sherri approaching RJ Hampton in the parking lot at some activism event, where she then begins her verbal attacks, saying that the film of her and Lenny on the phone (see below) was her property and that it was stolen by Lenny's ex-wife and used to extort and blackmail them, and that she gave the film to Alma "C" Ott claiming that his middle name "True" is made up [no, its not made up - the letter C refers to the first letter of his wife's name, and the only place that was ever printed on any publicly available info indicates likely identity theft]. 

Sherri "Crack" Kane then goes on to explain that Ott (also myself implied) is/are "cointelpro" working for an organization formed in the 50s by FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover, which she alleges is responsible for the deaths of MLK, RFK, JFK, and serves currently to infiltrate activists.  [If we are indeed cointelpro there should be a paper trail, at least of federal paychecks from the FBI which should be a matter of public record - where are they?  I certainly have never received any checks, which is a real bummer considering how long im supposed to have been a "cointelpro" operative.  Next:  sure Hoover blackmailed MLK into carrying out his own assassination, but the murder of JFK was strictly Mossad for JFK's stance against a nuclear Israel, and RFK was taken out by the same Edomite-controlled intel agency for his stance against Meyer Lansky and the Edomite-controlled Sicilian Mafia; cointelpro had nothing to do with it.  Finally: sure cointelpro is involved in infiltrating activism groups, and just about any other closed systems, but you can't really make that argument stick to either me or Ott because neither of us really belong to any activist group in order to be infiltrators in the first place... Im just a guy doing what I do on my own because I want to, and for no other reason; I'm not busy working my way into any groups posing as a "truther" with an agenda to infiltrate and compromise unlike the SherriLen, instead Im just posting to my blog and broadcasting a show here and there as I see fit.  Yeah, Im "cointelpro" alright.  Megapuke.]

Kane continues spouting a tirade of falsehoods, and honestly I cant tell if she herself actually believes all of what shes saying or if she knows what shes spouting is pure horsecrap.  I get the feeling like she actually believes some of it, who knows.  Since the ties to JFK and RFK's murders are purely Edomite it makes sense that one of the leading Edomite controlled opposition plants would promote a story that it was FBI's cointelpro and not Mossad.  I find it particularly funny she describes anyone as an "NSA cointelpro agent" for that itself is an oxymoron: cointelpro is FBI not NSA.  Duh.  White supremacists?  Where does she get this stuff?  Oh I get it, because anyone is exposing the truth about the Edomite bloodline all of a sudden they are a white supremacist and therefore must be into the KKK and all that crap.  Projectile vomit. 

Going on about some nonexistent lawsuit against 30 or so people just because they typed something while high on crack and mailed it out to a bunch of people doesnt make it legal, and certainly no judge will have touched it or give it a second's consideration in any court of law, for it bears no standing or jurisdiction, on top of the fact it is mostly incomprehensible nonsense mixing unsubstantiated civil and criminal allegations - something any first-week law student knows cant be done.   But of course either she doesnt know that or doesnt care, because she is on the campaign trail to get you to believe this is all true, and there is a lawsuit.  Mega-exorcist-puke.  

I mean wow, folks.  Lenny boy has reached new heights of narcissism by now having sent out a "newsletter" in which he claims that two "well known journalists" [projectile vomit] are suing Alex Jones and a list of 30 other "white supremacist" agents working for "cointelpro" including David Icke, Dr Deagle, Dr Ott, Anthony Hilder, myself, and a number of others Ive never met before.  Let me tell you folks:  Lenny isnt suing anyone, for he has no case - and even if he did, he obviously has no idea how to sue anyone.  I find it amazing this asswipe knows how to get dressed in the morning and tie his shoes.  AJ has had his attorneys file a motion to dismiss, and that's all that will ever be of Lenny's little "lawsuit", the few seconds of being on calendar waiting for a judge clerk to assess the 400-plus page treatise of an initial complaint before throwing it aside summarily for lack of standing, lack of jurisdiction, and above all, lack of any proper court-accepted protocol.  Anyone else having been "served" this Dickens novel of a "complaint" is likely responding in kind, and rest assured there will be nothing more heard about this "case", except for the bullshit disinformational lies coming from Lenny shouting to the world that he is suing everyone else on the radio but him.  What an asshole.

The second part of this video shows Lenny boy being interviewed by Sativa Jones, just after he is blown off by cops who think he is nuts for trying to get them to arrest Sativa and RJ based on his deranged claims.  The way the cops blew him off was priceless, as were the words they used toward him in doing so.  Just priceless.  Great interview Sativa! 

Note to self: who is the tattooed wifebeater-wearing guy accompanying Sherri in the first scene? [I have been told this is her gay #1 adviser and confidante who is seen with her just about anywhere she goes]

Here's the latest footage of Kane spouting her tirade and Lenny being blown off by the cops:

And here's the video she is so upset about, and yes I have express written permission from the copyright owner of the original footage to publish this:

Now if you folks can't understand the evil behind these two entities, I don't know what to tell you.

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