Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Controlled opposition - RIP Bob Chapman

Not many really understand what "controlled opposition" means, although many are familiar with the phrase.

Let me attempt to describe it.

Say you are part of a dark agenda which many "truthers" are opposed to.  Or a war agenda.  And so on.  You know there will be opposition, as you continue along your agenda path, and that the opposition, unless somehow infiltrated, may actually be a threat to your agenda.  What better way to assure avoidance of threat than by putting one of your own at the top of the heap in the opposition category?  The Rothschilds put Hitler in place as a prime example of controlled opposition to Allied Forces.  Today we have AJ, David Icke, and yes, even Jeff Rense.  George Noory, Art Bell, Michael Savage, gimme a break.  And as much as I dont like saying it, even Dr Deagle appears to be subservient to the agenda supported by his GCN radio network, the same one that broadcasts AJ.  You wont hear ANY of these folks talking about the Edomite bloodline.  No, they will say, its the Jesuits in control.  Every time.

Bought and paid for controlled opposition folks; get up to speed and learn that the Rothschilds are doing the same thing with this OWS movement.  And people are eating it up, blindly unaware they are contributing to the momentum of a path which will crush America once and for all - by design.  Its called civil unrest, and it will be the excuse given to implement martial law and all the rest of that crap.  And it will be the OWS freeloading hippies that made it happen.   Are you one of them?

Most extreme example today is Mitt Romney as controlled opposition to communist Slick Barry.  They both answer to the exact same Edomite masters, yet present themselves publicly as opposed to each other.  A clear demonstration of hegelian dialectic, to include Ron Paul as the 5th wheel controlled opposition representative supported by Tea Party and many "Truther" movement gatekeeping leaders like AJ and so on.   Just wait folks until Ron Paul throws his support to Romney and think twice about what I said so long ago: that he is a Rosicrucian decoy, a "pressure release valve" to give us the illusion we have a voice of opposition in the process.  Again, working for the exact same Edomite masters who control the evote software and hence all the voting outcomes.

Turd Sandwich versus Giant Douche. Yet again.

No one wins in this upcoming (s)election. We all lose.

Dov Zakheim – Israeli Dual Citizen
Robert Kagan – Israeli Dual Citizen
Michael Chertoff – Israeli Dual Citizen
Eliot Cohen – Israeli Dual Citizen
Eric Edelman – Israeli Dual Citizen
John Lehman – Israeli Dual Citizen
Evan Feigenbaum – Israeli Dual Citizen
Aaron Friedberg – Israeli Dual Citizen
Kent Lucken – Israeli Dual Citizen
Kristen Silverberg – Israeli Dual Citizen  

Do your homework folks and learn for yourselves - its all out there, the same information I have located you can find for yourself, but they wont serve it to you on TV - no, itll be something completely different, mostly fabricated crap.  But you wont know that unless you go to actually CHECK to see if its all true or not - something that most people dont even think to do.  TPTB bank on this societal behavior norm, and capitalize on it.

If you arent part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  There is no middle ground, sadly.

I choose to be part of the solution.  You?

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