Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The war on Christianity leading to WWIII

The edomite bopsie twins now allege they are suing Google for their refusal to remove the video I posted; never ceases to amaze me how narcissistic these two disinformational agent-provocateurs can be, check it out here.

Supreme Court clears way for California cross removal

In a first, Pentagon celebrates gay pride 

World's first GM babies born

BlueBeam alert:  Slick Barry Better Prepared To Handle Alien Invasion, Poll Finds  

Outline on Collapse End Game 

Brazil: 57 H1N1 deaths in south

GeoEngineering and BioEngineering

“Evergreen” CIA Owned Airline: Dropping Poison On You And Your Family
Aug 17 – 19 2012 ** Conference Announcement ** AND MORE!

Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart

Philip A. Falcone and Harbinger Charged With Securities Fraud - Full Release

Bilderberg Plan to Force NATO's Turkey into Syrian War 

The US and Syria: Facts You Should Know 

Iran: Unrest in Syria designed to provide Israel with security 

America was warned 

Millions of bank customers unable to access funds in Europe 

80% of the Gold the World Owns Doesn't Exist 

Roche "overlooks" 80,000 adverse reactions complaints 

Cyanide producing Tifton grass on cattle ranch in Elgin, Texas 

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - More Criminal Manipulation in the News

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