Monday, August 25, 2014

A few things about yesterday's Napa quake that make me go "hmmmmm"

1.  Multiple reports of "rainbow" light patterns in the sky just prior to and after the quake - in the dark of night.

2.  Quake happened at exactly 3:22 am.

3.  Red Cross [a well-known racket] front and center taking donations despite not being very burdened.  No mention at all of Salvation Army or other relief efforts.  RC tv spokesman... bloodline.

4.  Earthquake insurers are jacking their rates to absurd levels, in some cases close to or same as a homeowner's mortgage payment; seemingly another racket.

Of course, as we are in a quake zone, with a long history of big quakes and multiple documented faultlines, it's always possible that any quake is just another part of a grand natural progression.

However, with my being aware of high-powered scalar beam technology capable of manifesting severe weather storms in addition to artificially-induced earthquakes among a number of other manners of deployment, it stands in my mind as reasonable doubt that certainly it could also be just as possible any given quake could also be intentionally manufactured.   Only after a detailed analysis of magnetometer radar and other evidence can such a determination be made.

I wonder what others have, if anything, to say about this.


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