Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Give me a frickin break.

I'm not buying this James Foley beheading story, it stinks to high heaven to me.  Not saying some guy didn't get decapitated, nope, I presume that's authentic footage.  I do however highly suspect this is yet another false flag incident possibly involving a self-terminating MK/Monarch subject and again more crisis actors.  It begins with me with the poorly acted crying performed by the alleged father as he and his alleged wife and mother of Foley were interviewed.  I don't believe they are actual parents and if they are I still believe they are phonies and further I suspect this Foley if that is his real name was likely MK/Monarch and was willfully participating in a preprogrammed "omega" alter's self-terminal task, and his "handler" aka operator may well have been our hooded brit.

Who knows for certain, but using pure process of elimination based purely on historical record, I can begin by safely waging that the story we are being fed by the MSM channels, which is identical across the board, is mostly if not completely false.  That being said, until proven just exactly what did happen here, imho all possibilities are on the table.

My personal suspicions should not be anything new to anyone who has been following me for any stretch.

Welcome to my world.

On another note, I failed to talk on-air most recently of True's latest attacks and escapades with the bopsie twins, and hopefully someday soon he will appear on the show to make his own statements.  Suffice it to say that he too has had recent encounters of his own aimed at his blog; also problems arose surrounding the production of the tv show, and despite having taped several episodes, it appears that only the three that got released will be made available to the public until further notice.  So far it appears the tv show issues are non-bopsie related.

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