Monday, August 11, 2014

The attacks continue

Now the edomite bopsie twins have attacked the WayBackMachine, destroying all wayback snapshots of the blog.  Now whoever can do that, I don't care who you are, you gotta be affiliated with some alphabet soup nonsense, confirming my ongoing suspicions these two are the very same which they accuse me and others of being: that of actual FBI cointelpro.   Funny though, since these fools have yet to realize that most popular search engines including Google and so on readily provide cached versions to URLs that are no longer available from the host.  Wonder how long it'll take them to realize that and attack every major search engine out there as well.  Oh well.  You folks with any industrious nature will by now already be reviewing those cached pages and downloading them for your own personal archive before they too become removed.  Not surprisingly, beginning to find certain things have been well-removed from the overall search scene as well.

Brief perusals of nemesis writings indicate high traffic aimed at me, this site, and in particular the posts containing the video which started it all, and the Edomite Bloodline page which I have begun reconstruction of, among claims of my attacking nationality [rubbish - firstly not attacking but exposing and secondly satanism prolific to a specific bloodline not "nationality"] and the all too familiar "hate speech" allegation - when truth is hate speech to those who hate truth.

Drama.  Sigh.

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