Saturday, August 2, 2014

The blog is under attack again

OK the blog still exists thankfully, but somehow my admin access has been removed.  Working on it.  Also somehow the redirect from the godaddy url has been sabotaged.  Also working on it.

It appears that my nemesis sherri kane and her boyfriend len horowitz - whom i refer to as the edomite bopsie twins - have somehow yet again sabotaged my blog, fearing the truth which i have published about them might get out to the public.  no idea if and when it will return, but rest assured i will persue this issue.  the radio shows are unaffected, and can still be accessed here  True Ott still maintains his blog at although he has long departed efforts with me with the radio show, effectively passing the torch.   meanwhile continue to dig the music, because at the end of the day that's what is really important.  thanks for understanding.

True has been busy producing his new TV show MAKING THE BIBLE COUNT.  check out the first few episodes here:

Saturday evening update: i am in correspondence with google tech support who has begun the process of assisting me to restore the blog.  fingers crossed, with any luck hopefully they can just flip a switch and restore my access and re-publish the content, allowing me to continue to make new posts.  what i am certainly looking forward to is discovering exactly how this happened, and viewing the evidence of who caused this and how.  in my mind i am already certain of the who part, and in an email from godaddy i am curious what new trick these weirdos have pulled, as godaddy reported having received a copy of some sort of "court order".  knowing the history of these two, such an order is either forgery or the result of more lies these two have told some judge somewhere - par for the course.  after the first go-round having the wordpress site shut down a few years back, i learned a few things about how to prepare for the eventual certainty for a recurrence, and thankfully am enjoying not only a full hard drive archive of the entire site but also the well-maintained web archive provided as a free service by which works astoundingly well.  key to the recovery is separating the domain url from the hosting provider, allowing me to redirect the pointer to this site temporarily so as to continue to provide updates to the readership.  worst case, i build yet another fresh blog somewhere else, building upon an upload of the archived material.  first and foremost will be to republish the video which started this all, shot by RJ Hampton who sent me express written permission to use her copywritten content, which displays the real shady side of these two attempting to backstab and blackmail each other, revealing personality characteristics quite contrary from those they portray to the public; all clearly out of an effort to deceive and defraud.  knowing this, i remain determined to expose these two fraudulent cretons for the nasty disgusting filth they truly are for the world to see.

Meanwhile you can peruse the latest WayBackMachine snapshot of the site, taken recently:

For a comprehensive list of the 254 post and page URLs from the blog that are archived, visit here:*/*

Of particular interest are the following, the most popular and mission-critical posts.

to fake malta-knight "purple gang" lenny boy and sherri "crack" caananite:  yes i know you're reading this.  you think you've scored a victory and are likely congratulating yourselves.  if you think this will work, wait'll you get a load of me.  as if i hadn't planned for this from the getgo.  dumbasses.

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