Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That thing in the desert.

aka TTITD.  It's in full swing this week, and at the time of my writing this if memory serves me correct the "critical tits" bike ride is happening, a sea of topless females.  I spent several years working for the event, studying it and trying to make sense of what it was all about.  I finally drew some conclusions for myself, and have since refrained from participating.  Call me "burned out".  These days I call it "burning wallet", and my basic opinion is that it's the modern-day iteration of ancient wiccan bonfire rituals, used to draw in youth.  Up there, "do as thou wilt" is pretty much the only law, aside those of the state of Nevada and so forth.  Probably the most hedonistic event I can think of, it truly is a giant playpen for those with money to burn, quite literally.  Glad to be enjoying what stay-cation I can, while also working a few major gigs.

While USGS claims now the Napa quake hit at 3:20 and change, to me whether or not it was 3:20 or 3:22 is irrelevant to my earlier point, relative to the all-too-familiar Masonic fascination with numerology, in particular the number 32.   Again, combined with the reported strange rainbow patterns seen in the sky around the time of the quake and a few other components, I remain suspicious that this could have been yet another artificially induced quake, with perhaps the intention of fueling the insurance and Red Cross rackets; a "test" to see how not only society reacts but also the first responders and other emergency-related agencies.  Put it this way, it wouldn't be the first time.

Several of my friends have been asking me about ebola, and after I refer them to the online patent info for this lab-generated triple-triple-recombinant chimera, the patent for which is owned by the CDC, few are expressing surprise.

Cut to a TV news segment of CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden walking the grounds of one of the hotspots where apparently this "outbreak" is most prevalent.

I've heard discussion of warnings some time ago that an ebola "outbreak" was imminent, but haven't taken the time to dig up any specifics to share.  Would not be surprised to discover anomalies of such predictions that might signal a foretelling of a planned bioweapon release.  Stay tuned.

Horray for Cici Bellis, a local girl from SF who won her first match going into the US Open at age 15.  Way to go.

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