Thursday, December 1, 2011

AUDIO episode 32 of the LABVIRUS Show featuring special guest Jan Smith of

Thank you Dr. Ed Spencer MD for your conference call this evening!  Tonight folks I was graced by a call from Dr. Ed Spencer up in Santa Rosa who was calling to inquire about my Morgellons condition, and after a few minutes he asked me if I had ever talked with Jan Smith; I said no; he said hold on I'll call you right back.  A few minutes later I'm talking with Jan Smith, and for the next 80 minutes was able to hear her stories, share mine, and bounce some ideas around.  I discovered that Jan and I share several similar related interests, and shyly asked if she would share a broadcast with me.

It is with great pleasure I am able to bring to you the next LABVIRUS show, featuring special guest Jan Smith of

12/2/2011 11:00 AM The LABVIRUS Show Episode #32

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TRT: 45 minutes

Freedman’s 1954 Letter to Fellow “Jew” Goldstein who “Converted” to Catholicism. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE KHAZARS (the fake "Jews")

Merck Pays a Pittance for Mass Deaths

Fears over use of new cervical cancer vaccine

‘Doctors demand watch on vaccines’ The Australian (26 -27 Nov 2011)

Scott Tipps Speaks At CODEX


Fiscal Federalism Or Bust! Morgan Stanley Sees Dec 9th As Real European D-Day

Major Organic Seed Company Owned By Pro-GMO Group!

One Straw Revolution in Farming

How Food Affects Genes

12/1/2011 — ☢ Nibirumagick2012 receives the geiger counter set ☢

The CIA, AMF and NIH Implants

Nano Chemtrails

Pacific Line Speed

Sheriff Pat Sullivan arrested in Denver on pedophilia charges:

Jonathan Elinoff breaks his investigation to the public after Sheriff Pat Sullivan is arrested, here are the videos and interviews. Local television news reports and radio interviews are only the begining of what will slowly release to the public something on the scale of Penn State, only in Denver, Colorado.

Here is my investigation into Pat Sullivan on 3 radio shows - Peter Boyles, Tom Martino, Caplis & Silverman - Click here for the show...

Here are some local television reports on this:

FOX local Denver on the investigation with interview:
FOX Denver - v=GRrInYPfzQA

CBS local Denver on the investigation with interview:
CBS Denver - v=gRacGbomi5c

NBC local Denver on the investigation with interview:
NBC Denver - v=X4PX0Buf_rQ

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