Monday, December 26, 2011

Spare the chemtrails day #10

Ten days now has the SFBayArea declared a "spare the air" day whereby burning wood in your fireplace is illegal. Ten times also this has corresponded to ridiculously thick chemtrail spraying. Coincidence?  Does the Pope live in the woods?  Quod erat demonstrandum, baby.

It really makes my blood boil to see these TV "news" weatherpeople explain away the air pollution with anything from China to air patterns to wood burning; anything but acknowledging the legion of planes visible in the sky dumping their toxic chem-crap trails all over the sky, which develop into the cotton-candy wispy cloudlike masses before dropping to the ground to create the visibility-reducing grey dry metallic mist causing asthma attacks everywhere and causing people like me to continue expelling CLCs (chemtrail lung cookies).   The local TV media is obviously up to their eyeballs in complicity in the chemtrail cover-up.

Hack, cough, spit, repeat.

This just in from my friend Scott:
ok west coast is back: SF 36 CPM, Nor Cal 42, Seattle 36
not good

Interesting to hear all the cointelpro chatter from disinfo agents blaming the Jesuits as soon as the research concerning the Khazars started coming out... again coincidence?  Not.

Here's a comment from someone named "Mike":

I'm getting really deep into something called the "demon seed" theory which says that Cain was from Satan's seed when Eve was "seduced" by him (the forbidden fruit). Canaanites were descendants of Cain and Esau (Edomites) married many Canaanite wives and gave birth to a nation of Edomites who are half serpent, half human. Keep in mind that many evil people were Edomites - King Herod (who killed all newborn Jews in Bethlehem to try and kill the baby Jesus), the wife of Nero Ceazar (who convinced him to kill many Christians), Karl Marx, Lenin & Trotsky (founders of communism and killers of over 100 million Christians), Rothschilds, etc. The biblical references tend to reinforce that it may be true. At first I didn't think it was remotely possible but now it's starting to blow my mind. More interesting than any book I've read or movie I've seen.
(note the bottom of this page says "next" and leads to many more pages, all fascinating)

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