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Righteous Blood Part III

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Righteous Blood Part III
December 25, 2011


After more than two centuries of plundering the enormous precious metal wealth of the “West Indies” – (North and South America, the Inca and the Aztec treasuries), the “Red Shield” of the Dragon – the Khazarian/Bohemian/Marrano “Jesuit-Jew” Synagogue of Satan bloodline systematically parlayed their newly-minted tons of gold and silver into the European Central Banks which they had earlier established. Interest-bearing loans were freely given to the crowned heads of Europe – to England, France, Holland, Russia, Germany, and Austria. The Gold and Silver of the “New World” purchased unbridled POWER IN 18th CENTURY EUROPE in the form of military might. In turn, “military might” was synonymous with amassing weapons of war – cannon, muskets, swords, and most importantly, GUNPOWDER. Without “black powder” – cannons and muskets were useless! Most “interest-bearing loans” were used by the competing “Royal Houses” of Europe primarily to build armies and navies. Key to this “power” was “Powder” – the explosive Black Powder of China.

The explosive “black powder” first discovered in China eventually revolutionized warfare in Europe and the world. Gone were the “jousts” of medieval knights clad in suits of mail and armor on charging steeds. Gone also was the chivalry and courage based on strength of individual “knights” on the field of battle. Soldiers could now simply point a musket, and by the miracle of “black powder” – send a ball of lead (or shot) into the heart of a foe dozens of yards away with more accuracy than an arrow. It also was the great equalizer on the field of battle. A mere lad not yet in puberty could now point a gun, pull a “trigger” – and kill or maim a much more physically powerful adversary three times his size from a safe distance. Furthermore, any sailing vessel rigged with layers of cannon could destroy other vessels – that is, as long as they had enough BLACK POWDER stowed on board. With enough explosive powder, castle gates and walls could now be demolished in short order as well!

So, the question must be asked and answered at this point: Who manufactured and provided the GUNPOWDER, muskets, and cannon, where was the all-important gun “powder” manufactured, and what was the price?

First the reader must understand what gunpowder of that era was composed of. Typically, “black powder” is mostly made of a substance called “saltpeter” – aka potassium nitrate. The specific formula: 75% saltpeter (potassium nitrate), 12.5% Charcoal, and 12.5% Sulfur. The key element in making gunpowder is/was saltpeter. Without saltpeter, there could be no gunpowder. Without gunpowder, cannon and muskets were useless clubs. Without cannon and muskets, armies were reduced to bows, arrows, and swords once again.

Charcoal and sulfur were quite easy to procure on a large scale during this time period of history. Saltpeter, the key ingredient, was a much different matter, however. It had to basically be manufactured, and it had to be done on a large scale. It was also very labor-intensive. When one understands the formulation and manufacturing history of saltpeter from 1600-1890, it becomes clear that this was a very jealously guarded secret – much like the genie of nuclear fission in 1945 is today. It should come as no surprise that the bloodline Khazar-Marrano tribe (the biblical Synagogue of Satan once again) monopolized and jealously guarded the world-wide manufacturing and distribution of saltpeter, just as the same bloodline family named Oppenheimer controls the secrets of the Manhattan Project of nuclear fission and the mega-destructive power of the atomic bomb in modern days!

The earliest known record and “recipe” for saltpeter manufacturing is found in an ancient manuscript of one “occult alchemist” named Marcus Graecus entitled accurately enough: “Liber Ignum ad Comburendum Hostes” (Book of Fire for Burning Enemies). There are only six known copies of this book, all written in Latin. The oldest, located today in the library of the Vatican in Rome, is dated circa 1300; the most recent is dated 1481 and its origin is once again tied to the Morrano “Crypto-Jew” world-merchants of Spain. The manuscript contains two black powder recipes that served as the original model for the future Khazarian-controlled saltpeter factories in India and parts of China.

Here is a portion of the ancient recipe to manufacture saltpeter, written in Latin.

Nota quod sal petrosum est minera terrae et reperitur in scopulis contra lapidus. Haec terra dissolvatur in aqua bulliente, postea depurata et distla per filtrum et permittatur per diem et noctem integram decoqui, et invenies in fundo laminas salis conjelatas cristallinas.

English translation: “Note, saltpeter is a mineral of the earth and appears as brushes on stone. This earth is dissolved in boiling water and thereafter purified by a filter. Then boil down this solution by day and night till plates of crystals appear at the bottom.”

16th Century Woodcut Showing Saltpeter Distillation

Keep in mind that according to the research of Koestler, the Khazarian tribe consisted of the most skilled metallurgists and alchemists of the world, who were of course descendants from the Kenite seed of Cain (aka the Edomites.) It didn’t take them long to realize that potassium nitrate (saltpeter) could also be extracted from the fecal and liquid waste material of mammals – including human beings. In areas of the world such as India and China where large concentrations of human population created massive amounts of waste material, the ingenious Khazar alchemists established large-scale saltpeter factories during the 16th century. Thanks to these early “factories” – the Khazar merchants established a world-wide monopoly on salt-peter – and thus, they enjoyed a virtual monopoly on GUNPOWDER as well.

Saltpeter Manufacturing Plant: (16th century Woodcut Illustration)

Explanation – this was basically an early patent! A very jealously-guarded “secret”.

Long rows of beds with porous walls(C), filled with a mixture of vegetable wastes, blood and dung (human or animal) as nitrogen source plus lime or ash to promote nitrification.
Lime controls an optimum pH-value of 7.2 to 7.8. The porous walls of the beds allow an easy access of oxygen.

In building (B) the contents of the ripe salpeter-beds were leached and saltpeter crystallized. (A) A vat, collecting rainwater from the roof.

(From O. Guttmann:”Monumenta Pulveris Pyrii”, London 1906. A collection of Reproductions of Ancient Pictures Concerning the History of Gunpowder)

I would hope that the reader is now clear on the process of manufacturing gunpowder – the substance that would eventually fuel war and destruction on a massive world-wide scale. Saltpeter, manufactured from BLOOD, URINE and FECAL MATTER is blended with charcoal which was produced from FIRE on wood, and then combined with SULFUR (aka BRIMSTONE MINED FROM THE PITS OF DEEP SUBTERRANEAN CAVES!) Sounds like a true “Witches Brew” of death.

War is indeed literally hell, and gunpowder soon became the primal fuel and tool of the Khazarian merchants and profiteers of war, human death and destruction! Thus it should not come as any surprise to a Christian that gunpowder is actually made from the biblical components of hell itself – the Holy Bible records that “Hell” is literally Fire (charcoal) and Brimstone (sulfur) and Filth (human and animal excrement). Of course this destructive-demonic tool’s individual components would in fact originate in the very Synagogue of Satan, of whom Jesus Christ, the Prince of PEACE, Himself identified as literal children of their father, the Devil (See John 8:44) – i.e. the GREAT RED DRAGON of the book of Revelation. (Rev. 12:3)


One of the symbolic codes of the original merchants of ancient Babylon is the eight-pointed star of “the Sun-God”. It is symbolic also of the Kenite tribe’s “mark of Cain”. It is the antithesis of the single Christian cross – for it is the symbol of the original “double cross” – the traitor to God and Christ – i.e. the Serpent, the Red Dragon. It is the symbol of the Law – the Babylonian “Code of Hammurabi” and the double-crossed eight-pointed star can be seen on most modern courtrooms of the U.K and America today. This symbol also is the origin of the British “Union Jack” flag, and is also found on the emblem of the East India Company of the Khazarian Merchants of Death. In Schneider’s book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” we read: “An eight-point star enclosed within a circle was the symbol for the sun god. The “Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of subsequent astrology.” When one understands the origins of the Khazar’s “Babylonian Talmud” and “Kaballah” astrology and scrying, the symbol begins to make perfect sense. This “symbol for the sun god” (i.e. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning) is also the “Wheel of the Year” in WICCA and Satanist covens.

Babylonian Sun-God Symbol Showing Sabbats

WICCA “Wheel of the Year” Showing Sabbats

East India Company Flag (With 13 Stripes) in the Kaballa “sacred” colors of Red, White, and Blue.

Wikipedia’s entry on the “British East India Company” tells us: The Company was originally named Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies, and was formed on 31 December 1600.” It later changed its name to the “British East India Company” – and was an appendage of its sister firm, the Khazarian-owned “Dutch East India Company” operating in the Khazarian (Jew) merchant stronghold of Holland. Even the most cursory examination of the Dutch and British “East India Companies” shows that this was the first example of a truly mega-corporate structure run amok. Funded by incredible amounts of “New World” gold and silver, these Khazarian businesses encompassed banking and world trade on a truly massive scale. They were actually granted the right to “colonize” sovereign countries such as Indonesia, China, South Africa, and India. Not only did these Khazar merchant ships establish and control saltpeter factories around the world, but history shows they trafficked in African human slaves, as well as OPIUM and TEA.

It’s critically important to clearly understand the evolution of these “East-India Companies”. First, from the massive wealth extracted via the plunder of the New World gold and silver, they in short order established a very exclusive monopoly on the production and distribution of saltpeter, and thus gunpowder. Then they established and built (monopolized) the foundries and factories that produced the guns, cannon, and shot. Then, they lent the crowned heads of Europe GOLD AND SILVER COINS (with heavy usurious interest rates) in order to purchase their gunpowder, and armaments. Do you get the picture yet? The gold and silver coin that was “loaned”, soon went right back into their Swiss and Dutch treasure vaults when it was “spent” – as it purchased their weaponry and trade goods. Eventually, the “interest” on these massive loans was collected in gold and silver – until it became painfully obvious to the crown heads that there was simply not enough gold and silver outside of the Khazar-owned vaults to make the interest payments.

Moreover, the Khazar merchants knew that only In the event of war (the more violent and contracted, the better) would their gunpowder be expended; meaning more and more powder and shot would need to be purchased via new loans and interest. It really didn’t matter which country won or lost the conflict – BOTH SIDES OF THE “WAR” NEEDED TO BUY GUNPOWDER AT INTEREST!!! Both sides executed “war bonds” – promises of the PEOPLE to pay the Khazar bankers at a later date. Both sides needed powder, shot, guns and cannon. It soon became the common practice to merely agree to execute a paper contract for indebtedness and purchases of war (even DEFENSE) – no need to physically move the gold and silver around! This is the Khazarian tried and true recipe to not only become fantastically wealthy, but also to literally control the world. Sadly, every revolution, every “civil” war, every “world” war since 1492 has simply served to increase this incredibly evil Khazar agenda: dominance through debt-financed death and destruction. Eventually, the “Synagogue of Satan” would literally control countries and continents – often hiding themselves (i.e. the ‘hidden hand’) behind the smoke screen of a “constitution” or a “Republic”. This is likely the realization that prompted the philosopher Goethe to declare “No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes that he is free.”

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