Friday, December 9, 2011

"Hazy" skies, "Spare The Air" day, equals CHEMTRAILS

I am so frustrated and upset with the local newscasters covering the weather I see red.  Obviously scripted, they all use the exact same buzzphrase to describe what I refer to as the purple fog monster: hazy skies, there's a lot of haze out there, which has given the pretext to call a Spare The Air day for the bay area, making it illegal to burn wood in fireplaces or outdoors.

I am no spring chicken, I grew up here in SF.  We don't get "haze" unless someone went out of their way to put it there.  What used to be just referred to as "smog" which was browner, always blew east and if any was always located out in the valleys.  We here on the peninsula and surrounding areas are right up against the Pacific and those coastal winds constantly keep any accumulating "smog" blown far away.  No, this is the all too familiar dry metallic plasticy chalky gak that I have seen time and time again dissipate from first the trails, then the cloudlike masses that assemble at lower altitudes.  Apparently they have a few different mixes of the stuff; for example as I reported just a week or so ago they were spraying the thick hard stuff at low altitude that just covered the sky in fake cloud matter.  These ones today and the past few are laid at much higher altitude, and appear to disappear rather quickly, not leaving the telltale streaks across the sky - at the onset.  Later, and at lower altitudes, the familiar cotton-candy wisps are seen on the horizon and visibility is considerably compromised.  I have been hacking out chalky yellowish-white Chemtrail Lung Cookies (CLCs) for the last few days straight.  I have seen the spraying continue at all hours through the night, so that in the morning the particulate concentration at ground level from these aerosol assaults resembles fog, yet is eerily void of the associated moisture and freezing temperatures.

I have to wonder to myself: is there something about burning wood in fireplaces that reduces the malevolent effects of these chemtrails that TPTB do not want us to know?   Does burning wood somehow burn up the harmful particles and make the air safer to breathe?  This is my hypothesis, understanding that these days anything we are told on television is good for us is the direct opposite, and vice versa.  I feel that an experiment could be designed to test this hypothesis.

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