Monday, December 5, 2011

Things that make me go "hmmm".

I got an email from someone who mentioned that Dr. Deagle suggests the main reason behind the aerosol chemtrails is an attempt to block against harmful radiation from a solar mass ejection.  I myself have heard this expressed, while at the same time no mention was given to the nano-fibers and polymers causing the Morgellons condition, and no mention of 4-d holography utilizing strontium barium niobate as published by the Army Research Labs.  No mention of severing the pineal gland-silver cord connection with the use of heavy metals.  I'm not attempting to discredit Dr. Deagle, or trash his reputation: by all accounts he is a real genius, and a major expert in microbiology among other things; his experience record is unmatched; and the line of products he promotes are of the best quality anywhere.  This being said, I do find it interesting that he continually fails to acknowledge or delve into the Morgellons issue, such as I find it disconcerting he pooh-poohed the obvious HAARP connections to the Japan, Haiti, and China quakes among others - while hosting Nick Begich, whose bother Mark is a US Senator from Alaska.  Similarly Dr. Deagle pooh-poohed the abundant photographic evidence supporting the claim that the deuterium-fluoride MIRACL satellite laser was deployed by the US Armed Forces causing the Deep Horizon oil platform at the Macondo site in the gulf to explode its diesel tanks, after first carving a nice long hole in the aluminum heliport.  Dr. Deagle refuses to discuss satanic pedophilia or MKUltra/Monarch on his show, and for some reason seems to hold ashkenazi khazarian Henry L. Niman in high regard; his history shows he and Niman were at one point research colleagues.  It was in challenging Niman's claims of vaccine efficacy when Dr. Deagle's wife called me minutes before a broadcast to inform me I was never to call into the show again, after I had spent the previous nine months or so as a regular guest of his, being referred to as the "superblogger".  We also don't hear Dr. Deagle talk much of the fake "jews" of Revelation 3:9, the actual Edomites of the Caen bloodline traceable to Babylon, and the synagogue of satan.  I also find it a bit interesting to find that silver products, ionic or otherwise, do not really offer antiviral protection, rather only antibacterial.  Only supplements high in polyphenols for example seem to protect cell membranes in vitro against viruses, according to what I have been able to discover.  I could be wrong about some of these things, for in reality since I was abruptly shunned from the show I stopped listening altogether, and have only tuned in briefly from time to time ever since.  He still apparently continues to dominate the airwaves with his guests, cutting them off and rambling with diatribes ad infinitum, to the point where I find myself shouting at the computer speakers "Deagle... shut up and let your guest SPEAK."  I sense in Deagle a bit of narcissism as evidenced by how much he likes to hear himself talk.  I privately wonder to myself if he himself is MK.

I notice that more often these days my computer modem just abruptly hangs up and gets disconnected as if it were physically pulled from the socket, often while posting controversial material.  Considering the computer attacks affecting others I am aware of, I guess I should consider myself lucky this is all the interference I'm getting.

All these are things that make me go "hmmm."

Birth defects from depleted uranium ammo in Fallujah:

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BP says Halliburton 'intentionally destroyed evidence' after Gulf oil spill

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Australia: Vaccine expert urges censorship of H5N1 mutation research

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Call to Action: Researchers Needed for Non-GMO Seed Project!

Humor – NWO Supermarket

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The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

Internment-Resettlement Specialist - US Army job posting

6 Horsemen? Central Banks Dollar Liquidity Only Prolongs The Euro Debt Crisis

Israeli researchers develop substance that attacks antibiotic-resistant germs

Rand Paul on “Indefinite Detention” Provision of Defense Authorization Act – S.1867

Nomura presents the Fair-Value of European currencies in a Euro Breakup Scenario

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Egyptian Christians an Endangered Species

IDF holds emergency drills in north and south of Israel

Iran Moves Forces To War Alert

The Failure to Investigate 9/11 has Bankrupted America

Slick Barry wants to veto the Indefinite Detention Bill because it would hold the US to the Geneva Convention 

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