Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My friend the Ron Paul fanatic

I have a friend who is a former federal investigator, whom I met years ago through our mutual friend Dr. Bill Deagle. While researching many things patriotic, he continues to send me emails promoting Ron Paul, with the candor that electing RP will solve our problems.

I am quick to alert him to some of my ideas, to which he has responded by hurling insults, calling me a "naysayer" and that I am being "negative". 

Just thought I'd share with you some of my outward communications to him tonight to help explain myself to him as to why I am so reticent to offer any support to republican congressman Ron Paul:

The only solution is basically twofold: (1) lose the Fed with its FRNs and establish an asset-backed currency that the US Treasury issues - and (2) lose the two-party "system" with its Mason-dominated electoral colleges and implement a completely popular voting mechanism at the federal and state level [assuming voting fraud protection implemented - no e-voting and paper-based only with independent auditing]

most important for the short term is required the immediate removal and impeachment of Slick Barry imposter-in-chief and the outlaw congress - and redacting all of the uncontitutional "laws" and executive orders they have "passed" - fully restoring the Constitution to its original voted-upon condition.

I have mentioned this time and time again on my radio show, in my blogs, and in letters to you. It's not an easy solution, but it's the most viable option to give us the desired results. I don't mind repeating myself, but please stop telling me I am not offering solutions. Don't shoot the messenger, it's the system that needs fixing - not the people. Right now all we have is a battle of personality cultists, of which Ron Paul is a cleverly placed, well-funded, and Masonically-controlled one.

You are quick to label me a "naysayer" and "negative" just because you don't like what I have to say. That's no different from tyrannical fascists arresting protestors when you get to the heart of the matter. Check your ego at the door, and keep an open mind - and above all have faith in God.

All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, finally it is accepted as self-evident. [Schophenhauer]

You have to understand that Ron Paul will in no way be able to uphold his promises if elected. He is a patsy, an intentional "pressure release valve" no dissimilar from Lee Harvey Oswald, or Alex Jones for that matter, sent in by the Masons to give us the false hope that we have a voice in the election process. His concession will provide a swing vote for whoever the lead candidate will be at the time, likely Romney or Gingrich (the ticket was decided by the House of Rothschild years ago and is etched in stone.) Ron Paul was approached by Dane Phillips in Iowa a few weeks back and when pressed to discuss the fraud of the Federal Reserve system, not only ignored the topic but shunned him when approached after the debate in attempts to give Paul a copy of Battle Hymn. Does this sound like someone who is honestly attempting to dismantle the Fed - or someone who is just acting for the cameras so as to garner public support?

From this post:

AJ supports 33rd-degree master mason Ron Paul who just this saturday in Iowa blew off Dane Phillips (co-author of the book Battle Hymn) who had spent 5 minutes on the microphone prior to the debate asking the candidates to talk about the fraudulent Federal Reserve system.

You decide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ygkeM2dMfw


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